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Published 03 Jul 2020


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Thorne & Derrick International, based in the UK, are Experts in Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres & ATEX Product Innovation – we supply and distribute the Marechal range of low voltage power, control and signal plugs and sockets for heavy industrial and hazardous area applications where ATEX IECEx Certified products are required.

In this series of application Blogs we review the use of Decontactors in the food and beverage industry.

High pressure cleaning, temperature variations, mobility: in these conditions, the food and beverage industry requires resistant products. For the power supply of production lines and other conveyors, the Marechal range of industrial electrical socket outlets are ideal because they combine strength and modularity.

Plugs Sockets

Waterproof & Resistant

Cleaning Water Splash & Electrical Risk

In the food industry, high pressure cleaning and temperature variations require resistant products:

  • Cleaning machines with high-pressure water jets requires, among other things, resistance to high temperatures
  • The storage of food at low temperatures
  • Connection of mobile pumps and high pressure washers

Motor Connections

The applications concerned by motor connection in this type of industry are:

  • Connection with plugs of conveyors powered by motors, cutting machines (slicers, choppers) and control stations;
  • The power supply of production machines, mixers, packaging units, fans, tanks, mincers;
  • Modular production lines.

In order to facilitate production, machine change-outs can be simplified by connecting the motor via a socket outlet.

Motor Connections

Motor Connections

Hazardous Areas

This mainly concerns silos because dust emissions are likely to occur. ATEX areas require special resistance, in this case to potentially explosive dust.

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Hazardous Areas

Hazardous Area Explosive Atmospheres