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Published 15 Jul 2020


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Thorne & Derrick International, based in the UK, are Experts in Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres & ATEX Product Innovation – we supply and distribute the Marechal range of low voltage power, control and signal plugs and sockets for heavy industrial and hazardous area applications where ATEX IECEx Certified products are required.

In this series of application Blogs we review the use of Decontactors in ports, marinas, shipyards and onboard vessels.

Salt corrosion, humidity, temperature changes and mechanical shocks lead to bad connections and overheating, and ultimately failure.

To satisfy the many needs linked to these hazardous situations, Marechal Electric provides you with a wide range of electrical connection solutions which reduce the time and means required for operations.

Marechal Plugs & Sockets

Plugs & Sockets

To meet the multiple needs related to port activity, Marechal Electric provides you with reliable and quality solutions of various electrical connections, always with the goal to ensure the safety of people and equipment.

Marechel Hazardous Area Plugs & Sockets

Plug applications


Marinas, Power connection of floating pontoon, Local animation.

Trading Ports & Shipyards

Crane supply, Ship-to-shore connections, Converters / Compressors, Distribution boxes.

Marine certification of the DSN / DS / DXN / SP / SPeX ranges by Bureau Veritas.

Marechal Electric connectors and plugs and sockets have already been used in marine applications for more than 20 years, especially for navy and Oil & Gas projects.


Ensuring optimal operation in humid conditions

The reinforced IP66/IP67/IP69K water-tightness is effective automatically upon connecting the socket or upon closing the lid.

It enables the product to be used in extremely wet or dusty environments.

Guarantee of a long life in harsh environments

DECONTACTOR™ are UV and corrosion resistant. They also withstand extreme temperatures (-40 °C to +60 °C operating).

Their GRP casing is resistant to mechanical shocks (IK08 / IK09) and to IK10 with a metal casing.

Dual-voltage socket-outlets: the perfect cost effective solution

Simplify the operation of shore connections: for 16 A, 32 A or 63 A powers, dual voltage plugs and socket-outlets enables connection to boats with 230 V or 400 V requirements.

A domestic adaptor can be used for small dock maintenance.

Quality and sustainable connection: guarantee of a long life in harsh environments

Marechal Electric products are fitted with spring-loaded contacts providing permanent and durable contact.

The silver-nickel tips at the end of the contacts provide exceptional connection quality and excellent resistance to wet and corrosive environments, even after years of use.


DSN / DS / DN DECONTACTOR™From 20 A to 250 A

The DSN/DS/DN range spans currents from 20 A to 250 A,  making it Marechal’s largest and most complete DECONTACTOR™ range. The casing meets the requirements of industries that need robust connectors. Socket-outlets and connectors are available in GRP for currents from 20 A to 90 A and in metal for currents above 50 A, and offer a large array of options like padlocking, keying systems and auxiliary contacts.

DS4 HIGH-CURRENT CONNECTORSAvailable as 400 A 1,000 V
Our DS4 range offers compact plug and socket-outlet systems for connections up to 400 A 1,000 V. The sturdy metal box means that the system will continue to work reliably even in harsh conditions. DS4 connectors come standard with two pilot contacts that can be used to electrically lock out the system and a steel mechanical interlock mechanism – making them suitable for cranes connections.

Thanks to the butt-contact technology the SP single pole connector accepts a permanent current of 700 A / 1 000 V ac or 1500 V dc (connection with 70 to 400m² conductors).

Mega yachts, cruise ships or the Navy will use it for quayside connection via single cable. Available in ATEX.

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