WCH1 Corrosion Resistant Electric Air Heater (North American Approvals – cULus)

Hazloc WCH1 Heater

Hazloc WCH1: Severe-Duty Industrial Corrosion Resistant Heater

Hazloc Heaters are manufacturers of the WCH1 Neptune series of Electric Air Heaters. These industrial unit heaters are washdown and corrosion-resistant and are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of industry. The harsh operating conditions of industrial areas require heating equipment that is safe, reliable, dependable, and available when needed.

Hazloc corrosion-resistant heaters are designed to provide primary or supplementary heating in non-hazardous environments where moisture and corrosion exist. The WCH1 is available in a large range of voltage and heat output combinations to meet requirements.

CULUS approved heaters

CULUS approved heaters

Hazloc Electric Air Heater

Applications and uses Of The Hazloc WCH1

Hazloc Heaters WCH1 Models are designed to meet the U.S and Canadian certification standards and are suitable for a variety of applications that include, but are not limited to:

  • Wastewater Treatment Plans
  • Power Generation Stations
  • Cement Plants
  • Dairies
  • Steel Mills and Foundries
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Car Washes
  • Mining
  • Marine and Offshore Applications

WCH1 Hazloc Heaters are designed for industrial applications with all features being heavy-duty to meet the most demanding environments and long-life expectations. Even with heavy-gauge stainless steel construction which is used throughout the heater, maintenance of the product is not inhibited due to the easy installation and field serving design.

Features of the WCH1

The WCH1 warm air heater is dedicated to performance and reliability:

Extra Strength – Heavy-gauge stainless steel construction used throughout the heater

Durability – The WCH1 uses industrial grade, type 316 stainless steel tubular elements with stainless steel fins for maximum durability

Safe For Severe-Duty Locations – These unit heaters are designed to provide primary or supplementary heating in non-hazardous environments where moisture and corrosion exist

Air Flow Control – Adjustable louvred outlet grille can be rotated 90° to direct airflow

Long Life – Totally enclosed, epoxy coated, motor with permanently lubricated ball bearings for longer life

This electric air heater incorporates high-quality stainless steel elements, high-performance fan and motor assembly, sturdy 16 GA type 34 stainless steel housing, inlet/outlet grilles and a powder-coated aluminium fan blade. It also includes a large non-metallic control enclosure that won’t rust and also meets NEMA 4X hose-down requirements.

All components and motor are factory-wired to a single terminal block for field wiring, eliminating the chance for field error and reducing installation costs.

NEMA 4X Enclosure Hazloc WCH1

NEMA 4X Enclosure Hazloc WCH1

A durable industrial heater

The WCH1 Neptune series of heaters use industrial-grade, type 316 stainless steel tubular elements with stainless steel fins for maximum durability, corrosion resistance and epoxy painted stainless steel parts are also available as options.

hazloc heaters WCH1 features


WCH1 Industrial heater Specifications

Dimensions, Airflows and WeightskW
2 to 7.59 to 1212.5 to 47
Overall Heater Dimensions“X” in. (mm)14-1/2  (394)15-1/2 (394)26 (660)
“Y” in. (mm)21-1/2 (546)21-1/2 (546)28 (711)
“Z” in. (mm)13 (330)13 (330)20 (508)
Mounting Dimensions“BH” in. (mm)4-1/4 (108)4-1/4 (108)7-1/8 (181)
“BL” in. (mm)19-1/2 (495)19-1/2 (495)22-1/4 (565)
“M” in. (mm)8-1/2 (216)8-1/2 (216)3-1/4 (83)
Airflow CharacteristicsAir Volume cfm (m³/hr)700 (1189)1450 (2463)2400 (4077)
Air Throw ft. (m)26 (8)43 (13)50 (15)
Outlet Air Velocity fpm (m/s)760 (4)1575 (8)1200 (6)
Approximate WeightNet Ibs (kg)56 (25)56 (25)115 (52)
Shipping Ibs (kg)70 (32)70 (32)130 (60)
Shipping Package Dimensionsin. (mm)23 x 17 x 27

(584 x 432 x 686)

23 x 17 x 27

(584 x 432 x 686)

36 x 20 x30

(914 x 508 x 762)


Recommended Maximum Mounting Height From Floor ft. (m)

2 to 5 kW – 10 (3)

7.5 to 10 kW – 15 (4.6)

12 to 20 kW – 20 (6.1)

25 to 47 kW – 25 (7.6)



Hazloc Heaters are global suppliers and manufacturers of industrial and explosion-proof heaters and thermostats for hazardous areas and severe duty locations – this includes industrial heating products for non-hazardous and severe-duty applications. Explosion proof and hazardous area certifications include North American (NEC & CE), International (CENELEC & IEC), European (ATEX) and Russian EAEU (EAC EX).

Heating Hazardous Areas With Electrical Heaters

Applications : Mud Tank Building, Boiler Packages, Service Rigs, Drilling Rigs, Paint Spray Booths, Offshore Cabins & Containers.