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ATEXOR SLAM Trans 200 EX is a portable explosion proof ATEX transformer for providing a large amount of power, safely, to hazardous areas.

The hazardous area transformer is IECEx and ATEX rated – SLAM Trans 200 EX manufactured by ATEXOR is suitable for use in Zone 1 and Zone 21 and is safe to move even when the power is switched on.

The SLAM Trans 200 EX can be carried easily using the handles or shoulder strap and, as this is the only ATEX certified transformer with a durable soft outer shell, should it be dropped or knocked, the transformer would not be damaged.

This ATEXOR transformer is an ideal choice for use with any temporary lighting solution in hazardous locations which require a lower voltage than that provided by the standard mains.

The ATEXOR Trans 200 EX model provides 200 volts of alternating current to either 2 or 4 output sockets.

Zone 1 Transformer

What is a Zone 1 Hazardous Area?

The level of risk of an explosion in a classified hazardous area industry is based on the frequency and duration of the occurrence of an explosive atmosphere. This level of risk is represented by classifying the hazardous area as Zone 0, Zone 1 or Zone 2 (for gas, vapour and mist atmospheres) or Zone 21 or Zone 22 for dust atmospheres according to the ATEX Directive. The “zone” governs the level of explosion protection and precaution required.

It is essential to know which zone you are working in, so that you can specify the most appropriate equipment. For gases, vapours and mists the zone classifications are recognised as Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas.

Zone 1 is an area in which an explosive atmosphere is likely to occur occasionally in normal operation – this may exist due to repair, maintenance operations or unplanned accidental leakage.

ATEX Transformer


Product: ATEXOR Trans 200 EX

Hazardous Area Certification II 2 G Ex e mb IIC T4 Gb
II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T70 °C Db
Ingress Protection IP66
Operating Temperature -20 °C to +50 °C
Supply Voltage 230 VAC +/- 6%
Output Voltages 12VAC/24VAC/48VAC
Output Current max. 16 A
Supply Current typical 2A
Electrical Class
Class I
Maximum load 48VAC 192W
24VAC 192W
12VAC 192W
Weight 17 kg (with 10 m cable)
Surface Materials Dissipative elastomer and aluminum
Options 2 or 4 hazardous area socket outlets (types upon request). Supply cable type and length upon request.
Plug and socket options ATX, Marechal, Stahl, CEAG


atex transformers – dimensions

The ATEXOR Trans 200 EX transformer is portable, lightweight and designed for ease of use and transportation when working in hazardous areas (Zone 1) and both onshore or offshore potentially explosive atmospheres.

  • ATEX Transformer Length – 534mm
  • ATEX Transformer Width – 356mm
  • ATEX Transformer Height – 313mm
ATEXOR Trans 200EX dimensions

ATEXOR SLAM Trans 200EX | Dimensions

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