ATEX Splitter Boxes | Zone 1 & Zone 2 Hazardous Area Splitter Boxes for Explosive Atmospheres

ATEX Splitter Boxes Zone 1 & Zone 2 Hazardous Area Splitter Boxes for Explosive Atmospheres

ATEX Splitter Boxes Zone 1 & Zone 2 Hazardous Area Splitter Boxes


Hazardous Area Splitter Boxes

LL-260 | LL-260/SS

Splitter Boxes for Explosive Atmospheres Zone 1, Zone 21, Zone 2, Zone 22

Hazardous Area Power

Wolf Hazardous Area Splitter Boxes are ATEX Certified for safe use in hazardous areas Zone 1 & 2 (Gas, Vapour & Mist Explosive Atmospheres) and Zone 21 & 22 (Dust Explosive Atmospheres) making it ideal for power distribution within confined spaces in hazardous areas – Thorne & Derrick are Approved Distributors for the Wolf Lighting including handlamps, torches, headtorches and floodlights.

The Wolf ATEX Splitter Box is compact, portable operating up to 254V offering an exceptionally adaptable solution for a number of different lighting configurations based on the Wolf LinkEx™ LED Temporary Luminaires and Floodlites and other cable powered lighting products.

Hazardous area lighting can be linked together using the ATEX Splitter Box enabling a larger area to be lit up fast and easily whilst also decreasing the number of cables in the work area. Another feature is the ability to power ancillary equipment alongside lighting for maintenance.

Similar in design to the Wolf ATEX 400VA Transformers, the ATEX Splitter Box is rugged in design with GRP or 316 grade stainless steel for increased resistance to corrosion for both onshore and offshore low voltage power applications. This enables the splitter box to be suitable for the most arduous environments and always ready for use in hazardous areas classified according to the ATEX Directive.

The integrated handle ensures ease of movement and the compact and stable design allows for firm positioning within a potentially explosive gas and dust area atmosphere.

ATEX GRP & Stainless Steel Splitter Boxes

ATEX GRP & Stainless Steel Splitter Boxes

Hazardous Area Certifications

Hazardous Area Certifications

ATEX Splitter Boxes

Features & Benefits

  • ATEX Certified and approved for hazardous area Zone 1 explosive Gas and Zone 21 Dust
  • ATEX Splitter Boxes fully compatible with Wolf temporary lighting solutions
  • Robust and durable GRP or stainless steel enclosures housed within a stainless steel skid
  • Compact, lightweight, portable configuration with an integrated handle
  • Can be fitted with ATX, CEAG, Stahl and Marechal plugs and sockets
  • Splitter boxes available with SY, Ship’s Braided or H07RN-F input cables
  • Available in 24/48/110/230 Volts
  • Allows versatile lighting configurations with LinkEx™ LED Temporary Luminaires, FloodlitesHandheld Leadlamps and and other cable powered lighting products
  • Can be ordered with output glands instead of sockets to increase the number of products that can be powered (especially useful for multiples of the SP-600 Handheld Leadlamp)
  • Can be ordered with internal fuses (a maximum of 2) to increase the reach of LinkEx™ LED Temporary Luminaires, Handheld Leadlamps and Floodlites
Wolf Safety Lamp Product Reference Wolf LL-260
(Suffixes define cable type and length, plug socket and fuse options)
Wolf LL-260/SS
(Suffixes define cable type and length, plug, socket and fuse options)
Splitter Box Product Description ATEX GRP Splitter Box ATEX Stainless Steel Splitter Box
Enclosure GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) Enclosure with 316 Stainless Steel Skid 316 Stainless Steel Enclosure with 316 Stainless Steel Skid
Approval Codes II 2 GD Ex de IIC T5 Gb Ex tb IIIC T90°C Db IP66* -20°C – +50°C
Type of Explosion Protection “e” increased safety”d” flameproof
Hazardous Area Classification (Gas) Zones 1 & 2
Gas Groups IIA, IIB IIC
Temperature Class (Gas) T Ratings T5
Classification (Dust) Zones 21 & 22*
Max. Surface Temp. (Dust) 90°C*
IP Rating IP66*
Ambient Temperature -20°C to +50°C**
ATEX Certificate Baseefa12ATEX0268/IECEx BAS 16.0073X
Voltage  Up to 254V AC
Maximum Input Current 15A***
Plug and Socket Types ATX, CEAG, STAHL and Marechal
Input Cable Types SY, Ship’s Braided or H07RN-F (HOFR)
Weight 10 KG (nominally)**** 12 KG (nominally)****

* Depending on components fitted to the unit

** If SY cable is fitted, minimum ambient temperature = -15°C

*** If max amb needs to be  increased to 55oC the maximum input current is limited to 10A

**** Weight of units will vary with input cable length and type, and variations in components fitted.

ATEX GRP & Stainless Steel Splitter Boxes - Product Dimensions

ATEX GRP & Stainless Steel Splitter Boxes – Product Dimensions

➡ For further information, technical specifications and hazardous area ATEX certificates, please see the Wolf Handlamps product sections below. Visit portable and temporary lighting for more information about the full range of Wolf Lighting products.


When clear vision and brilliant LED light is required in hazardous area locations or confined spaces with potentially explosive atmospheres, Wolf Safety lights provide bold, bright and unfailing portable and temporary lighting. Since 1912, Wolf has been trusted to light the world’s most hazardous and hostile environments – with ATEX & IECEX certified portable lights to provide safe lighting in explosive atmospheres.

Thorne & Derrick are hazardous area lighting specialists stocking a complete range of portable and permanent fixed lighting including both fluorescent and LED technology in standard linear light fittings, wellglass, high bay and floodlight design certified by ATEX for both Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas.

➡ Technical Resources | Hazardous Area Zones | T Class Temperature Ratings | Explosive Atmospheres (Definitions)

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