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ATEX Increased Safety Control Panels

ATEX Increased Safety Control Panels

Control Stations

increased safety

Ex de IIc stainless steel

Product Category: Control Stations | ATEX Certified | Zone 1 & Zone 2 Hazardous Areas

Increased Safety Unicode 2 Series stainless steel control stations and switches, manufactured by Appleton ATXare ideal for use in hazardous areas and washdown areas. A variety of push buttons, selector switches, illuminated push buttons, control and load break switches and LED pilot lights are available for use in conjunction with contactors or magnetic starters for the remote control of motors. The ATEX certified control stations provide safe circuit control and/or selection in potentially explosive atmospheres. Pilot lights are available to provide visual assurance that an electrical function is being performed at a remote or local location. These polyester control stations are ideal for the control of equipment at power, chemical and petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, re-verse osmosis plants, pulp and paper processing plants and various other industrial applications.

Appleton Unicode 2 Series uses the Ex de method of protection which eliminates the need for external seals. Unicode 2 Series features a choice of DIN rail mounted high performance contact block suitable for low intensity (less than 5 mA). TS35 rail mounted components are held securely in place during operation and easily removed for service.

Contact block technical data: IEC rated operating voltage (Ue): 500 Vac – 110 Vdc. IEC switching capacity: AC12: 16 Amp/400 Vac, AC14: 10 Amp/400 Vac, AC15: 6 Amp/500 Vac, DC13: 2 Amp/24 Vdc and 1 Amp/110 Vdc. NEMA switching capacity: A600: 10 Amp/600 Va.

Selector switch technical data: IEC rated operating voltage: 690 Vac. IEC rated operating current: maximum 16 Amp. IEC switching capacity: AC1: 16 Amp/690 Vac, AC15: 16 Amp/415 Vac, AC3: 8 Amp/500 Vac, AC3: 4 Amp/690 Vac, AC3: 16 Amp/690 Vac, DC1: 10 Amp.

control stations – Specifications

  • ATEX Certification and Compliances: Zone 1 and 2 – 21 and 22; Ex II 2 GD; Ex de IIC/Ex demb IIC/Ex tD A21; IP66; IK10
  • Standard Materials: Polyamide body and cover with black finish. Captive 304 stainless steel cover screws
  • Accessories: Key for changing actuator blocks. Guard for mushroom head actuator. Padlockable guard. M5 and M6 earth stud. Combination drain and breather available in brass, polyamide and stainless steel. See catalog pages for details
  • Options: Stainless steel or Lamacoid nameplates with different color combinations. Padlocking facility on selector switches. Padlocking facility for momentary and maintained push buttons
  • Surface Temperature: T Class Rating T75 °C (T167 °F)
  • Ambient Temperature: -20 °C to +55 °C (-4 °F to +131 °F)

Ex de iic control station – stainless steel – Selection table

Control StationAppleton ATX Order Code
Push Button “I” (NO+NC) – 2 x M20U61W2A3
Push Button “I” (NO) and Push Button “O” (NC) – 2 x M20U61W2A5A9
Emergency Stop (NC) – 2 x M20U61W2D9
Emergency Stop (NO+NC) – 2 x M20U61W2D3
Emergency Stop with Key Release (NC) – 2 x M20U61W2C9
Black Mushroom Head (NO+NC) – 2 x M20U61W2B3
Red Mushroom Head (NC) – 2 x M20U61W2R9
Key Push Button removable in both positions (NO+NC) – 2 x M20U61W2E3
Pilot Light – Red – 2 x M20U61W2PR
Pilot Light – Green – 2 x M20U61W2PG
Pilot Light – Blue – 2 x M20U61W2PB
Pilot Light – Yellow- 2 x M20U61W2PY
Pilot Light – White- 2 x M20U61W2PW
2-Position Selector Switch (NO+NC) – 2 x M20U61W2H3
3-Position Selector Switch “I-0-II” fixed position (2NO) – 2 x M20U61W2J1
3-Position Selector Switch “I-0-II” spring return “I-0” (NO+NC) – 2 x M20U61W2N3
3-Position Selector Switch “I-0-II” spring return “II-0” (NO+NC) – 2 x M20U61W2M3
Push Button “I” (NO) and Push Button “O” (NO) – 2 x M20U62W2A5A9
Push Button “I” (NO) and Red Mushroom Head (NC) – 2 x M20U62W2A5D9
Pilot Light – Green and Push Button “I” (NO) – 2 x M20U62W2PGA5
Pilot Light – Red and Push Button “O” (NC) – 2 x M20U62W2PRA9
Ammeter 48 x 48mm, 1A current transformer, Scale 0-1-3 and 3-Position Selector Switch with spring return “II-0” (NO+NC) – 2 x M20U62W2VA13M3
Push Button “I” (NO) and Push Button “O” (NC) – 2 x M20U62W2A5A9D3
Pilot Light – Green, Push Button “I” (NO) and Push Button “O” (NC) – 2 x M20U62W2PGA5A9
Pilot Light – Green, Push Button “I” (NO+NC) and Push Button “O” (NO+NC) – 2 x M20U62W4PGA3A3
Pilot Light – Red,  Push Button “I” (NO) and Push Button “O” (NC) – 2 x M20U62W2PRA5A9
Pilot Light – Red, Push Button “I” (NO+NC) and Push Button “O” (NO+NC) – 2 x M20U62W2PRA3A3
Pilot Light – Green, Pilot Light – Red, Push Button “I” (NO) and Push Button “O” (NC) – 2 x M20U63W2PGPRA5A9
Pilot Light – Green, Pilot Light – Red, Push Button “I” (NO) and Push Button “O” (NC) – 2 x M25U63W4PGPRA5A9

ATEX Certifications and Compliances

The following information relates to the hazardous area certification and approvals for this range of control stations for specification purposes – should you require any further information please contact Thorne & Derrick.

  • Hazardous Area Certification Type PCe
    ATEX Control Stations

    ATEX Control Stations

    — Gas: Zone 1 and Zone 2
    – Conforming & Approved to ATEX 94/9/CE: II 2 G
    – Type of Explosion Protection: Ex de IIC/Ex demb IIC (depending of the actuator)
    – Temperature Class: T5 to T6 Rating for Hazardous Area Locations
    — Dust: Zone 21 and Zone 22
    – Conforming & Approved to ATEX 94/9/CE: II2 D
    – Type of Explosion Protection: Ex tD A21
    — Surface Temperature: T80 °C to T95 °C (T176 °F to T203 °F)
    — Ambient Temperature: -50 °C to +70 °C (-58 °F to +158 °F)
    — CE Declaration of Conformity: 50232
    — ATEX Certificate: LCIE 02 ATEX 6118X

  • Index of Protection according EN/IEC 60529: IP66
  • Impact Resistance (shock): IK10
Hazardous Area Lighting Control Station Plug Junction Box

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