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Heat Trace Cables

Heat Tracing & Trace Heating Cables

Thermon heat tracing cables use specialised heating technologies suitable for a vast range of industries and applications – this includes self-regulating, power limiting, parallel constant wattage, mineral-insulated, steam trace and instrument tubing bundles.

Thermon heat tracing cables, thermostats and accessories guarantee frost protection and process temperature maintenance of pipes, drums, tanks, hoppers and vessels which are at risk of freezing in low ambient temperatures or requiring critical process temperature heating – safe and hazardous areas heating cables (ATEX & IECEx certified) are available.

For over 60 years, Thermon have developed a large portfolio of trace heating cables and products for the external application of electric heat to pipes, tanks and instrumentation using cable. Specified throughout the global commercial, industrial and hazardous area industries they have earned the title “The Heat Tracing Experts”. 


Heat Tracing Cables, Temperature Control Thermostats & Accessories

Thermon – Heat Tracing Cables

Thermon have provided heat tracing cables to the process industries since their inception and service the oil, gas and petrochemical industry with their wealth of knowledge and dedication to providing engineered solutions delivering total heating systems from design to supported installation.

Thermon’s core business is their range of heat tracing cables for frost protection or temperature maintenance. Using different technologies including self-regulating, mineral insulated, parallel and series resistance cables Thermon are able to offer the correct solution for your application.


Thermon Cables: Offshore Oil & Gas Heat Tracing – international hazardous area classification heater cables including IECEx and ATEX.

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Thermon Self-Regulating Heat Tracing Cable

  • BSX Cable  – frost protection or temperature maintenance to 65°C (150°F) ATEX
  • RSX Cable – frost protection or temperature maintenance to 65°C (150°F) ATEX
  • HTSX Cable – frost protection or temperature maintenance to 121°C (250°F) ATEX
  • VSX Cable – frost protection or temperature maintenance to 149°C (300°F) ATEX
  • KSX Cable – frost protection or temperature maintenance to 121°C (250°F) ATEX

More information: Thermon Self-Regulating Heating Cables

Thermon Series Constant Watt Heating Cable

  • TEK Cable – frost protection or temperature maintenance to 101°C (215°F)
  • TESH Cable – frost protection or temperature maintenance to 260°C (500°F)
  • MIQ Mineral Insulated Cable – high temperature maintenance to 500°C (932°F)

More information: Thermon Series Constant Wattage Cables 

Thermon steam tracing cables provide process temperature maintenance up to 121°C.

Steam Tracing Applications : Asphalt, Sulfur, Fuel Oil, Crude Oil, Caustics, Acids & Amines. Image: Hertel.

Steam Tracing Applications : Asphalt, Sulfur, Fuel Oil, Crude Oil, Caustics, Acids & Amines. Image: Hertel.

Thermon: Electric Heat Tracing Specialists

Thermon: Electric Heat Tracing Specialists

Heat Tracing – Thermon Manufacturing Co.

Thermon Cable

Thermon Cable: Heating Pipes, Tanks, Vessels, Valves & Process Plant In Safe & Hazardous Area Locations



T&D, The Hazardous Area Heating Specialists

Thermon can offer heat tracing cables, thermostats and accessories which can be used in Zone 1 & Zone 2 hazardous areas and are certified to ATEX & IECEx standards.

Heat tracing is used throughout the world by many industries for frost protection and temperature maintenance of pipelines, tanks and vessels. These are often found in hazardous areas requiring the heat tracing system to be compliant with the relevant international classifications.

Industrial heating cables can withstand high exposure temperatures of up to 600ºC and some cables can withstand steam purging and corrosive damage from organic and inorganic chemicals.

Suitable for installation in both onshore and offshore environments due to their international classifications and certifications ensuring the heating cables are safe and reliable.

Thermon BSX Self-Regulating Heating Cable Up To 65°C

BSX Self-Regulating Heating Cable Up To 65°C

Typical Electric Heating Applications:

  • Process Pipework
  • Long Transfer Lines
  • Tank Heating, Drum Heating
  • Vessel Heating
  • Hopper Heating
  • Process Instrumentation
  • Flow, Level and Pressure Transmitters
  • Process Analytical Sample Lines

Thermon Industrial Heat Tracing Cables For Hazardous Areas

Industrial Heat Tracing Cables For Hazardous Areas

 Electric Heat Tracing Installation – Thermon Manufacturing Co.

Thermon Commercial Heat Tracing Cables – Applications

Commercial heat tracing cables are suitable for use within the building services and construction industry. Each cable listed below is tailored to suit different applications:

Thermon Commercial Heat Tracing Cables

Thermon Commercial Heat Tracing Cables

  • FLX Frost Protection Heat Tracing Cable
  • HSX Hot Water Temperature Maintenance Cable
  • KSR-2 Ramp Heating Cable
  • RGS Roof & Gutter Heat Tracing Cable

FLX Frost Protection Cable is used to protect exposed water pipework from freezing in low ambient temperatures. Suitable for use with hoppers, tanks and vessels due to the ability to be used with both plastic and metal surfaces. Typical applications : mains cold water, sprinkler pipework, boosted cold water services and chilled water.

HSX Hot Water Cable is designed to ensure the maintenance of hot water temperatures at 50, 55 or 60ºC. Maintaining at these temperatures prevents legionella. Hot water can be provided instantly with HSX cable as a cost effective solution as installation costs are reduced compared to traditional recirculation systems.

KSR Ramp Heating Cable is designed to be directly buried within concrete to prevent snow and ice forming on ramps and loading bays.

RGS Roof Gutter Cable is designed to protect roof and gutter applications by stopping the build up of snow and ice reducing the risk of cracked/burst roof structures, drains and deformed gutters. Mainly used to offer protection to roofs, gutters and downpipes as the Thermon RGS cable eradicates the risk posed to the public by potential snow and or ice fall from roofs during the thawing process.

Pipe Freeze Protection Using Thermon Heating Cables

Trace Heating Cables Defend Pipework Against Frost, Freeze & Winter Temperatures

About Thermon

Since inception in 1954, Thermon have continued to produce unique heat tracing solutions for many worldwide standard and bespoke applications.

Thermon is Heat Tracing; delivering heat to pipes, tanks, instrumentation and other equipment using steam, fluid or electric cable tracing – their mission statement is  “To enhance our customers’ operations by providing innovative and reliable heat tracing solutions at the lowest total cost of ownership.”

How T&D Can Help YouPower

Since 1985 T&D have serviced the UK and world markets with an extensive range of Electrical, Mechanical, Process & Instrumentation Equipment – our Export Department is staffed by a team of professional sales engineers, sourcing specialists, expeditors and customer service advisors.

T&D global project experience has enabled us to build a solid reputation for the reliable supply of brand leaders – we consolidate your supply chain by providing single-source logistics to any international destination.

See how Thorne & Derrick service and support our key global markets and hazardous area industries in the following SlideShelf of Industry Infographics.

  • Measurement – Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, CO2
  • Gas Detectors (Industrial), Leak Detection (Refrigerant) & Analyzers
  • Heat Tracing Systems & Trace Heating Cables
  • Heaters – Drum, IBC, Tank, Immersion & Process
  • Valves, Gauges, Sensors & Monitors
  • Meters – Flow, Water, Gas, Heat & Energy
  • Surface Heating Elements, Mats & Pads
  • Hazardous Area Power Distribution, Lighting & Enclosures

Integrity, Values & Trust. T&D are a world-class business committed to ensuring the correct installation and application of all products we distribute. Where applicable installer training and support services including site surveys can be made available.