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Published 08 Jul 2020


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Thorne & Derrick International, based in the UK, are Experts in Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres & ATEX Product Innovation – we supply and distribute the Marechal range of low voltage power, control and signal plugs and sockets for heavy industrial and hazardous area applications where ATEX IECEx Certified products are required.

In this series of application Blogs we review the use of Decontactors in the water & waste water treatment industries.

Equipping water treatment or sewage treatment sites with Marechal outlets ensures the longevity of your electrical installations and means significant time savings in maintenance operations.

Connections are resistant to outdoor conditions and comply with electrical standards. The connection and disconnection of plugs can be done in complete safety by unskilled operators without the need to isolate the power first.

Plugs Sockets

Plugs & Sockets

Decontactor has an AC-22/AC-23 breaking capacity which complies with switched isolator standards. There one decontactor unit can used in place of a plug and socket and local isolator switch and selecting the correct model. This is a useful skill not only for end-user application and process engineers, but also for design engineers employed by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). However, such understanding can be hard to come by.

Operators can therefore easily connect and disconnect the plug under load without having to undergo lengthy isolation procedures. Decontactor plugs are built with high quality materials. Silver-nickel contacts, stainless steel hardware, and chemical resistant housings all help withstand corrosion caused by the hydrogen sulfide gases usually found in wastewater environments.

Plugs Sockets

Plug applications

  • Ensuring safety of both staff and premises
  • Electrical continuity both day and night
  • Powering mobile installations
  • Powering pumps, mixers, aerators, motor controls, crushers, compressors, generators


Connection Quality & Life Expectancy 24/7 365 Days Per Year
Marechal products are fitted with spring-loaded contacts providing a permanent and durable contact. The silver-nickel tipped contacts provide exceptional connection quality and excellent resistance to wet and corrosive environments, even after years of use.

IP66/IP67/IP69K Sealing

The reinforced IP66/IP67 water-tightness is achieved automatically upon connecting the socket or closing the lid. It enables the product to be used in extremely wet or dusty environments. Some of Marachel’s range of plugs are available up to IP69k for high-pressure cleaning at 100 bar and 80 °C.

Fast & Safe Connection Under Any Circumstances

The socket latch holds the plug in the socket against the force of the internal springs. This ensures the plug is watertight and that the appliance will start up properly. When the plug is removed from the socket, the safety shutter closes to prevent access to live parts.

DECONTACTOR™ Technology: Tested Safety

  • A socket with built-in isolator switch in a compact unit
  • Simply pressing the button cuts off the current and eliminates all risk of electrical arcing.
  • The plugs then eject automatically and the appliance is off-load.
  • The safety of operators is guaranteed at all times.

DECONTACTOR™ From 20 A to 250 A
The DSN/DS range spans currents from 20A to 250A, making it Marechal’s largest and most complete DECONTACTOR™ range. Socket-outlets and connectors are available in GRP or metal and offer a large array of options like padlocking, keying systems and auxiliary contacts.

Thanks to their silver-nickel tipped contacts, the DECONTACTOR™ plugs are designed to withstand significant and repeated overloads. Therefore they are especially suited for reliable motor connections even with frequent re-starting.

PF HIGH-CURRENT PLUGS AND SOCKET-OUTLETS – 315 A / 400 A / 500 A / 600 A – 1,000 V
The Marechal PF range can accommodate up to six auxiliaries and two pilots, is IP66/IP67 watertight (standard), and has an electro-mechanical lock-out system, for maximum safety and water protection. The metal casing offers IK10 shock resistance and is well-suited to connections for heavy equipment and generators for mining and tunnelling operations.

Plugs Sockets

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