ATEX Control Stations | Hazardous Area Stations for Zone 1 & Zone 2

ATEX Control Stations

ATEX Control Stations For Hazardous Areas

ATEX Control Stations

Thorne & Derrick International, based in the UK, are Main Distributors for Abtech Electrical Equipment including hazardous area lighting, control stations and electrical enclosures (ATEX Certified).

Control stations suitable for Zone 1 hazardous areas manufactured in GRP, stainless steel and plastic – suitable for safe installation in potentially explosive gas atmospheres, ATEX certified.

Zone 22 control stations for explosive dust atmospheres are available in both standard and bespoke configuration.

Control Stations -  Zone 1 Zone 2 Hazardous Area ATEX Certified

Control Stations –  Zone 1 Zone 2 Hazardous Area ATEX Certified

Control Stations & Push Buttons

Hazardous area control stations, surface or panel mounted, specified for potentially explosive atmospheres and suitable for Zone 1 gas and Zone 21 dust environments (including Zone 2 & 22) – manufactured from stainless steel, plastic or GRP with various push buttons, emergency stops, switches, mushroom heads and indicator lamps integrated into control station. Bespoke solutions, express delivery.

  • Ex ed IIC T4
  • Ex e II T4 

Control station options:

  • Emergency Stop Station
  • Emergency Power Off
  • Emergency Stop Start Station
  • Stop Station & Start Station (Stop/Start)
Abtech Craig Derricott Control Stations Push Buttons - Hazardous Area Zone 1 Zone 2 ATEX

Key Suppliers: Abtech & Craig & Derricott

Technor hazardous area electrical equipment

For competitive pricing, delivery and technical support on the complete range of Technor Hazardous Area products, please contact T&D:

Technor Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment

Technor Hazardous Area Equipment – T&D distribute electrical enclosures, lighting luminaires, electrical panels and control stations.

T&D can also supply and deliver high voltage hazardous area enclosures for 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kV and 33kV HV distribution networks.

ATEX Control Stations

➡ For complete information about Hazardous Area Control Stations please refer to the product sections below – contact T&D, The Hazardous Area & Explosive Atmosphere Experts, for a complete range of Electrical, Mechanical, Process & Instrumentation Equipment.

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