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EXHEAT HEF Hazardous Area Heater ATEX

Hazardous Area Enclosure Heaters


EXHEAT HEF100 hazardous area enclosure heaters provide increased safety (Ex e), hazardous area certified electric heating and air warming for Zone 1 or Zone 2 (Flammable Gas) hazardous areas and explosive atmospheres according to ATEX Directive.

The EXHEAT HEF range of enclosure heaters has self regulating properties eliminating the need for a thermostat. The compact design of the EXHEAT HEF makes this enclosure heater ideal for anti-condensation, frost protection and temperature control.

EXHEAT HEF hazardous area enclosure heaters are certified to meet ATEX equipment directive and IECEx standards and can be mounted in almost any orientation.

Ex e Electrical Heating

Increased Safety Ex e is an explosion protection concept applied to the installation to ensure increased security against the possibility of excessive temperatures and sparks from hazardous area electrical equipment. Equipment that normally causes sparks is excluded from use within this method of explosion protection.

EXHEAT Hazardous Area Air Warmers ATEX & IECEx

EXHEAT Hazardous Area Air Warmers ATEX & IECEx


  • Hazardous Area Certification – Declared in accordance with ATEX directive 2014/34/EU and CSA (Divisions and Zones) standards for North American markets
  • Design – Compact, low profile, 316 stainless steel case, requires minimal space
  • Self-regulating can be used without a thermostat
  • Temperature Range – suitable for ambient temperatures from -60°C (-55°C for CSA certified models only) to +80°C
  • Installation – Mounting of the heater can be in any orientation
  • Design allows for closer installation proximity to internal components and cables (minimum distance 100mm away)




Enclosure Heater ModelT ClassCasing SizeWatts RatingVoltageWeight (Kg)
EXHEAT HEF100T4Size 2100W110V or 240V1.5


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Since 1985 as Leaders in ATEX Innovation we can facilitate succession planning for the replacement of obsolete, non-conformant and legacy equipment – we are the provider of innovative solutions to ensure ATEX and IECEx Compliance for Electrical, HVAC & Process Instrumentation systems in the explosive atmosphere industries.

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