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Industrial Convector Heater

Industrial Convector Heaters

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EXHEAT STW industrial convector heaters provide electrical heating and air warming for medium sized spaces.

The EXHEAT STW range can be supplied with an optional integral externally adjustable limit thermostat, a remote thermostat or frost protection.

EXHEAT STW industrial convector heaters are weatherproof protected to IP66 against water and dust and are suitable for wall or floor mounting – these electric heaters are suitable for safe (non-hazardous) area locations for potentially explosive atmosphere applications see our complete range of hazardous area electrical heating products.

Prior to installing the EXHEAT STW industrial convector heaters a visual inspection must be carried out and the heater must be checked to ensure the insulation resistance reading is above 2MΩ per element at 500 volts dc.

If the heater fails this test the power and control circuits must be isolated.

To install the heater carefully remove from the packaging and check for damage. The convector heater should be fixed into place using the pre-drilled holes and all terminal connections checked for tightness prior to energising.

The appliance must be securely fitted to a wall or floor using only the brackets provided and the orientation of the heaters must be strictly adhered to with the heater tube remaining horizontal at all times.

Features of EXHEAT STW Industrial Convector Heaters

  • Construction – Heavy duty robust construction
  • Installation – Industrial convector heater suitable for floor or wall mounting
  • Powder coated carbon steel construction
  • Safe area heater supplied with plugged cable entries
  • Weatherproof protected to IP66 against water and dust
  • Optional adjustable 0 to 40°C room temperature controlled thermostat
  • Cable – 1 × 25mm (plugged) cable entry provided as standard
EXHEAT STW Industrial Convector Heaters

EXHEAT STW Industrial Convector Heaters

STW Wiring Diagram

This sample Wiring Drawing is for the EXHEAT STW model of heater – for all other heater wiring drawings refer to the O&M download opposite.

Please download EXHEAT STW O&M manual for full details on installation and maintenance procedures – this includes wiring diagrams, earth connection and pre installation inspection and checks.

Heater Power Rating1kW, 2kW and 3kW ratings available
ConstructionPowder coated carbon steel construction to RAL 9007 Grey
Terminal BoxPowder coated die cast aluminium, weatherproof to IP66
Element 304 stainless steel finned type
MountingSTW heater’s support feet are pre-drilled and suitable for floor mounting or wall mounting; heaters should be mounted horizontally with unrestricted air flow around the unit


EXHEAT STW Industrial Convector Heaters – Applications

  • Workshops


    EXHEAT Stockist – Worldwide Delivery, Competitive Quotations

  • Crane cabs
  • Dairies
  • Ships
  • Storage units
  • Greenhouses
  • Pump stations
  • Equipment rooms
  • Frost protection
  • Container heating
  • Engine bay
  • Living quarters
  • Wet rooms

EXHEAT STW Industrial Convector Heaters Product Range

Convector Heater ModelStock NumberWatts RatingVoltageDimensionsWeight (Kg)
EXHEAT STW 1000S62 01 01 001000110 or 2405005406106.6
EXHEAT STW 2000S62 01 02 002000110 or 24010001040111014.5
EXHEAT STW 3000S62 01 03 003000110 or 24015001540161020
EXHEAT STW 1000TS62 01 01 00-T1000110 or 2405005406106.6
EXHEAT STW 2000TS62 01 02 00-T2000110 or 24010001040111014.5
EXHEAT STW 3000TS62 01 03 00-T300024015001540161020


EXHEAT STW Industrial Convector Heaters - Dimensions

EXHEAT STW Industrial Convector Heaters – Dimensions

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