VEGA VEGACAL 64 Capacitive Level Sensor


VEGA Level Sensors

Level Sensor VEGA VEGACAL 64

VEGA VEGACAL 64 capacitive level sensor provides continuous level measurement and can be used to measure conductive liquids.

VEGACAL 64 level sensor features a fully insulated electrode that is designed for use with viscous and adhesive products.

The proven mechanical construction gives a long product lifetime and low levels of product maintenance requirements.

In addition, maximum utilisation of the vessel is achieved due to level measurement being carried out over the entire length of the levels sensors probe.

VEGA VEGACAL 64 Capacitive Level Sensor

Product Specifications

Measuring Range – DistanceProcess Temperature RangeInstrument WeightLevel Sensor Length Ground TerminalMax Lateral LoadMax TorqueHazardous Area ATEX
4 m-50 -150 °C1 – 3 Kg0.2 – 6M316L10 Nm100 Nm Yes, VEGA VEGACAL 64 is suitable for hazardous areas

ATEX Level Sensors

(see ATEX download).

VEGACAL 64 Level Sensor Hazardous area CertificationsVega Level Sensors

VEGACAL 64 capacitive level sensor is available with hazardous area certifications to meet ATEX & IECEx directives for Zone 1 and Zone 2 installations.

Approval XM: Ship Approval

CX Approval: ATEX II 1G, 1/2G, 2G EEx ia IIC T6
CA Approval: ATEX II 1G, 1/2G, 2G EEx ia IIC T6 + WHG
CM Approval: ATEX II 1G, 1/2G, 2G EEx ia IIC T6 + Ship approval
CK Approval: ATEX II 1G,1/2G,2G EEx ia IIC T6+ATEX II 1/2D,2D IP6X T 1)
DX Approval: ATEX II 1/2G, 2G EEx d ia IIC T6 2)
GX Approval: ATEX II 1/2D, 2D IP6X T 1)

VEGA level sensors are suitable for use in hazardous areas and their instruments also have various ship approvals such as e.g. DNV, GL, LRS or ABS.



Sensor and vessel form the two electrodes of a capacitor. A capacitance change caused by a level change is evaluated by the VEGA integrated electronics and converted into an appropriate output signal. The level measurement is carried out over the entire sensor length without a blocking distance.


The wetted parts of the instrument are fully FEP insulated.


The level sensor housings are available as single chamber or double chamber version in plastic, stainless steel or aluminium with protection ratings up to IP68 (1 bar).


VEGA sensors are available in different electronics versions. Apart from the two-wire electronics with 4 … 20 mA/HART, there are two pure digital versions with Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus possible as well as one version for connection to a signal conditioning instrument.

VEGA Sensors

VEGA sensors provide level, point level and pressure measurement of liquids, solids and powders in dairy tanks, sanitary tanks, single shell tanks, batch processing tanks and silo tanks.


Vegacal level sensors provide level measurement for bulk solids and liquids. In capacitive level measurement, the sensor and vessel form the two electrodes of a capacitor where any change in capacitance due to a level change is converted into a level signal. VEGA is a global manufacturer of process and hazardous area instrumentation.

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VEGA Level Sensors - VEGACAL

VEGA Level Sensors : Measurement of level, point level, pressure, flow and density. Capacitive level measurement in bulk solids.

Thorne & Derrick provide Process Measurement and Instrumentation systems for level measurement, flow measurement, temperature measurement and pressure measurement.