Zone 2 LED Light Fitting Hazardous Area ATEX Certified – Petrel XN LED

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Zone 2 LED Light Fitting Hazardous Area ATEX Certified - Petrel XN LED

Zone 2 LED Light Fitting Hazardous Area ATEX Certified – Petrel XN LED

Zone 2 LED Light Fitting 

ATEX Classification – Ex nC II 3GD T4 -40°C to +55°C

Petrel XN is a LED light fitting suitable for Zone 2 hazardous area lighting for use in gas and dust areas. Available in a range of sizes from 2-5ft with light output up to 10,000 Lumens.

Simple in design the Zone 2 LED light fitting allows access to all parts is quick and, when needed, lamps may be changed easily by releasing the stainless steel diffuser clips and removing the diffuser. Three hour emergency versions are fitted with integral batteries and charging unit.

Zone 2 light fittings are designed to provide a high light output using the very latest LED technology and is available in a variety of sizes.

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Hazardous Area Zone 2 Lighting LED

Zone 2 LED – Hazardous Area Lighting For Potentially Explosive Atmospheres In Both Onshore & Offshore Locations

Zone 2 led light fitting

Hazardous Area Lighting

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Hazardous Area ATEX Certified

  • Certification and Hazardous Area Approval Certification Code: II 3 GD Ex nA nC IIC T4 Gc, Ex tc IIIC T135°C Dc
  • Certification Number: PET 14ATEXTFXNX
  • Certification Standard: EN 60079-0-15-31
  • Protection: IP 65

Zone 2 LED Lighting ATEX

Benefits & Options

Petrel XN LED Zone 2 light fitting is designed as a low maintenance fitting with a maximum light output that provides the following benefits:

  • Energy efficient Zone 2 hazardous are LED lighting
  • Reduced energy costs with motion sensor option
  • Robust, long life enclosure
  • LED light fitting available in 3 lengths
  • Gas Zone 2 and Dust Zone 22 hazardous area explosion protection
  • Emergency option LED light fitting available.
  • Minimum operating life of LED module 50,000 hours
  •  Unrestricted breathing protection means no annual inspection costs
  • Stainless steel clips means reduced corrosion
  •  Push fit gear tray for simple, fast installation
  • 230v 50/60Hz standard. Suitable for central battery operation
  •  Low maintenance high efficiency LED light source

Zone 2 LED light fittings – Typical applications

  • Chemical Sites
  • Refineries
  • Docks & Jetties
  • Offshore
  • Marine
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Paint Spray Shops
  • Grain Storage
  • Paper Mills
  • Waste, Water & Metal Treatment Plants

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Zone 2 LED Light Fitting Hazardous Area ATEX Certified - Petrel XN LED

Zone 2 LED Light Fitting Hazardous Area ATEX Certified – Petrel XN LED

Zone 2 LED Light fitting

Petrel XN Technical Data

Petrel XN LED Light Fitting SpecificationDetails
Full Hazardous Area Certification CodeII 3 GD Ex nA nC IIC T4 Gc, Ex tc IIIC
T135°C Dc (Zone 2)
Protection TypeEx nA (non sparking) Ex nc (enclosed break)
Temperature Rating-20 to +51ºC
Certification StandardsEN 60079-0-15-31
CertificatePET 14 ATEX TFXNX
Suitable Zoned AreasZones 2 & 22
Gas Group SuitabilityII
MaterialGrp moulded body, polycarbonate diffuser – Aluminium control gear tray
Ingress ProtectionIP65
Cable Entries2 x M20 – ISO (1 plugged) as standard
Electrical Connections3 wire and earth. Cable size 4sqmm max – Through wiring versions available
Light Fitting SourceHigh efficiency LED
Light Output
Various ranging from 4,000lm-10,000lm
Supply Voltage230V 50/60Hz
Installation/MountingSnap on Stainless Steel brackets
AccessQuick release stainless steel clips to free diffuser
DimensionsSize 2’ 702mm, size 4’ 1312mm, size 5’ 1612mm, Single W, 102mm, Depth 108mm
Size 2’ 2.8kg, size 4’ 3.2kg, size 5’ 3.4kg.

Zone 2 LED light fittings Part Numbers

LED Light Fitting – Part NumbersLight DescriptionXN LED Standard LightFitting Size
Petrel XNLED1272 nA nC Luminaire4000LM30W702mm
Petrel XNLED1474 nA nC Luminaire8000LM60W1312mm
Petrel XNLED1575 nA nC Luminaire10000LM75W1612mm
Part NumberLight DescriptionXN LED Emergency LightFitting Size
Petrel XNLED147/EM4 nA nC Luminaire8000LM60W1312mm
Petrel XNLED157/EM5 nA nC Luminaire10000LM75W1612mm
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