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Thermon Trace Heating Cables

Thermon Trace Heating Cables

T&D supply Thermon Trace Heating Cables to the UK and international construction and building services industry.

Thermon Trace Heating Cables

Typical heat trace applications include:

  • Water Pipework Frost Protection – Thermon FLX
  • Hot Water Temperature Maintenance – Thermon HSX
  • Ramp Heating – Thermon KSR
  • Roof & Gutter Heating – Thermon RGS

Frost Protection Cable

Thermon FLX frost protection heating cables protect exposed water pipework from freezing in Winter months and low ambient temperatures. Suitable for use with plastic and metal pipework (including copper), hoppers, tanks and vessels. Typical applications : mains cold water, sprinkler pipework, boosted cold water services and chilled water frost protection.

Hot Water Heating Cable

Thermon HSX hot water heating cable is specified to ensure the maintenance and distribution of hot water supply at 50, 55 or 60º C. Maintaining water at these temperatures prevents legionella infection caused by Legionnaires disease. Hot water can be provided instantly with HSX hot water cable as a cost effective solution as installation costs are reduced compared to traditional recirculation systems.

Ramp Heating Cable

Thermon RGS ramp heating cables can be directly buried within concrete to prevent snow and ice forming on ramps and loading bays.


Roof Gutter Heating

Snow & Ice Melting For Roofs & Gutters

Thermon’s RGS heating cables safely melt and alleviate snow and ice build-up on roofs and gutters.

Thermon RGS roof and gutter heating cables can prevent the formation of snow and ice dams on roofs and the build-up of snow in gutters and downspouts – this eliminates the risk of structural roof damage and internal damage to the building fabric caused by the thawing of snow and ice creating water damage through leak paths in the roof.

Electric snow and ice melting cables maintain safe drainage points on roof gutters and drain downpipes – keeping them unblocked from frozen snow/ice ensuring a clear runoff path during the melting and thawing of Winter weather conditions. Heating cables can be installed in straight trace runs on V-shaped roof valleys preventing snow accumulation in the roof valley.

Gutter heating eliminates the dangerous formation of icicles and the potential heat and safety risks posed to pedestrians by the roof overhang.

Thermon RGS self-regulating cables will increase power when exposed to ice and snow reacting intelligently to ambient/air temperatures – when the cable has cleared the roof area and gutter downpipes the power output of the heating cable will decrease to reduce energy consumption. Prior to installation of the gutter heating system it is essential the gutters are thoroughly cleaned and dried.

Roof & Gutter Heating Using Heat Trace Cables

Roof & Gutter Heating – heating cables are attached to the roof using cable roof fasteners and installed into the gutters and downpipes with cable hangers

➡ T&D can provide expert technical support and competitive delivery from stock for all Thermon Commercial Heat Trace systems. Visit Hazardous Area Heat Tracing Cables for ATEX & IECEx certified cables for Zone 1 & Zone 2.

Heat Tracing

Thorne & Derrick International, the UK’s leading supplier of Heat Tracing Cables are Official Distributors for Thermon, The Heat Tracing Specialists

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