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Published 25 Sep 2016

ASCO Valves Solenoid Valves

ASCO Solenoid Valves – Contact T&D For Sales, Specification & Supply of solenoid valves for industrial and hazardous area flow control.

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ASCO Valves

A solenoid Valve Selection Guide

This Blog written with the support of ASCO is purposely designed to make it easier to select and order the right solenoid valve for your application from the world’s leading manufacturer of solenoid valves and air operated valves.

T&D are an ASCO Numatics Authorised Distribution Channel.

To assist in selecting the proper valve for your application, we recommend 2 approaches.

First, if you know the ASCO valve series that meets your specification, you can go directly to the appropriate page as listed in the Numerical Listing, or the Main Index:

ASCO Valves – Valve Selection by Alphanumerical System 

If you do not know the ASCO solenoid valve series, please refer to the Condensed Listing, which provides an overview of key specifications for all General Service ASCO solenoid valves. This listing is organised by valve type and operation, then indexed by pipe size, flow factor and other vital specifications.

ASCO Valves – Valve Selection by Condensed Listing 

If you are unable to locate the required solenoid valve in the Condensed Listing, refer to the individual valve series in the main ASCO catalogue for a more complete listing of types of valves available.

The Condensed Listing covers:

  • 2-Way/2 Position Valves
  • 3-Way/2 Position Valves
  • 4-Way/2 or 3 Position Valves

ASCO Valves

THE Selection Process

In order to select an ASCO solenoid valve, you will need the following application information:

  • Valve Type : 2-Way, 3-Way, 4-Way valve
  • Operation:  Normally open, Normally closed, Universal
  • Pipe Size:  Pipe size or flow requirement
  • Media:  Fluid to be controlled
  • Pressure:  Minimum and maximum operating pressure
  • Temperature:  Minimum and maximum fluid and ambient temperature (if unusual, contact technical support)
  • Voltage:  Voltage and frequency to be used
ASCO Valves

ASCO Valves – 2000+ Products, Same Day Ship..

Once you have determined the above application information, the next steps can navigate you to the appropriate solenoid valve in the ASCO catalogue.

An ASCO solenoid valve selection example:

Turn to the Condensed Listing section relevant to the Valve Type and Operation required for example, 2-Way, Normally Closed valve.

Locate the family of ASCO valves corresponding to the Pipe Size of the valve desired for example, 1/8″ valve.

Select the applicable Media and relevant Pressure rating in the “Operating Pressure Differential” column for AC or DC, respectively for example, 300 psi for water, maximum AC. If the field of possible ASCO valves has not been narrowed to one valve at this point, the Cv Flow Factor, Orifice Size, Maximum Fluid Temperature or Watt Rating (power consumption) may then be used as additional deciding or filtering factors.

After the proper ASCO valve Catalogue Number has been identified, refer to the “Page No.” column to find more specifications on any given solenoid valve series, for example ASCO 8210 series.

Solenoid Valve Terminology

ASCO Solenoid Valves

ASCO Solenoid Valves

  • Bleed-orifice or Bleed Hole

Small orifice or channel, most often located in the diaphragm or piston of pilot-operated solenoid valves, to allow the inlet flow to pressurize the top side of the diaphragm or piston.

  • Bonnet

Screwed plug or bolted cover on the valve body, on which the core tube with inner parts is fitted.

  • Coil

Electrical part of the solenoid valve consisting of a spool wound with insulated copper wire which creates a magnetic flux when energized.

  • Core

The soft-magnetic stainless steel part of the solenoid which is moved by magnetic forces (flux generated by the coil).

  • Core Spring

Spring which returns the core to the original position when the coil is de-energized.

  • Core Tube

Stainless steel tube, closed at one end, which isolates the media in the valve from the external solenoid parts.

  • Disc, Valve Disc

Sealing material on the core or disc-holder, which shuts off the seat orifice.

  • Disc-holder

Valve part, actuated by the core, in which a sealing disc is inserted.

  • Main Orifice

Principle passage between inlet and outlet of the valve.

ATEX & Hazardous Area Solenoid Valves

Hazardous Area ATEX Valves

ATEX Solenoid Valves – T&D’s Sales Team specialise in the technical specification and supply of hazardous area solenoid valves and process instrumentation equipment.

ASCO Valves

ASCO Valves – Fast Ship

ASCO Valves

Call T&D Sales For ASCO Valves

Guaranteed same day shipment for over 2000 off today’s most popular ASCO valve products are now available – over 40,000 ASCO products can be shipped within 5 business days.

ASCO valves are manufactured in facilities certified to meet ISO international quality standards and are 100% tested.

World Class ASCO

T&D’s ASCO Sales Team is staffed by trained sales engineers qualified to verify that your selection is best for your application or to help with your selection of your solenoid valve requirements.

T&D can also help customise an ASCO valve to meet unique application requirements.

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