High Temperature Plugs For Critical Heat Resistant Applications

Published 05 Apr 2017

Plugs Hazardous Area High Temperature

Plugs, Sockets & Electrical Connectors For High Temperature Industries

High Temperature Plugs

Marechal metal connectors and plugs provide high temperature distribution of power, signal and control circuits from 240°C to 400°C with 30A-90A rated power currents – contact us for support on specifying and ordering the correct Marechal connectors where high temperatures preclude use of standard plastic type plugs.

Applications for high temperature plugs include:

  • Iron & Steel Industry
  • Plug Outlets For Electric Ovens & Motors
  • Thermal Processing Industries
  • Hazardous Area Industries – Oil, Gas & Petrochem
High Temperature Plugs

Marechal plugs withstand high temperatures and provide power supply to ovens and electromagnets in the steel industry – industrial power applications also include mobile cranes, cold rolling mills (DN20C) and motors on conveyors (DS3).

The Marechal PNHT and DSHT high temperature plugs, power connectors, signal and control connectors manufactured from metal provide excellent electrical connection quality in high temperature industries.

High Temperature PLUGS & Connectors

Marechal PNHT & DSHT

Performance Comparison PNHT v DSHT

Maximum Operating Temperature Steady240ºC240ºC / 400ºC (2h)
Rated Current ln30A90A
Maximum Number of Contacts3P+N+E3P+E
Ingress ProtectionIP44IP66
Flexible Wiring (Min-Max)1mm² – 6mm²Armoured and unarmoured flexible cables from 10mm² up to 95mm² via terminals box side and 6mm², 16mm² & 35mm² via crimping contacts plug side
Stranded Wiring (Min-Max)1.5mm² – 10mm²

High Temperature Plugs

Marechal PNHT High Temperature Plugs

240° Celsius 30 Amp 500V

➡ Further information Marechal PNHT

Voltage 50HzPolarityMarechal Socket Outlet (Female) Part Number 240ºCMarechal Inlet (Male) Part Number 240ºC
Marechal PNHT

Marechal PNHT



Marechal DSHT High Temperature Plugs

240° – 400° Celsius 90 Amp 380-400V

➡ Further information Marechal DSHT

Voltage 50HzPolarityMarechal Wall Mounting Socket Part NumberMarechal Plug Part Number

High Temperature Plugs Marechal

High Temperature Plugs

High Temperature Plugs For All Industries


What Are Autoclaves?

Autoclaves are strong heated containers used for chemical reactions and other processes using high temperatures and pressures.

Autoclaves are used throughout the worldwide thermal processing and bonding industries – this includes aerospace, military, composites, ballistics, glass and nuclear industries for vulcanizing, wood treatment and concrete curing. T&D can support the autoclave manufacturing industry with power plugs and connectors capable of withstanding heat and high temperatures up to 400°C.

The nuclear fuels industry uses autoclaves to prevent the accidental emission of gaseous UF6 (uranium hexafluoride) during feeding, delivery, and sampling operations.

  • What The Worlds Largest Autoclave (2321 Cubic Metres)
  • Who ASC Process Systems
  • Where United States Of America
  • When 2006
Marechal Plugs - High Temperature

Images: Boeing & ACS

In August 2006 ASC Process Systems (USA) announced it had built an autoclave with an internal volume of 2,321 m³ (82,000 ft³) – designed to process components of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner passenger aircraft by subjecting them to high temperatures of up to 232° C (450° F) and pressures of up to 10.2 bar.

Untying The Knot

Marechal Plugs

Let’s try to disentangle terminology.

Marechal DO NOT manufacture plugs and sockets.

Well they do and they don’t. Let’s explain.

Their patented Decontactor is effectively a plug with a socket plus an integral load make/break switch. All in one.

Entirely electrically safe.

Marechal Decontactors require no “hard-wiring” like conventional or some may say “good old fashioned plugs”. See the anatomy of the Decontactor and give us a call to discuss your power requirements today.

Talk to T&D, where 21st century challenges meet 21st century solutions.

Marechal Plugs

When Is a Plug Not A Plug – When It’s A Decontactor

Fire Resistant Enclosures

T&D specialise in the specification and supply of harsh and hazardous area equipment where extreme operating conditions apply ➡ read our Blog: Fire Resistant Enclosures PH120 Pre-Assembled With Ceramic Terminal Blocks.

Fire Resistant Enclosures

Hazardous Area Heaters

Flameless Is Blameless – flame-free and zero-fume electrical heaters for hazardous areas where a portable ATEX heating solution is needed in explosive atmospheres

Hazardous Areas

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