Marechal – The Decontactor. Maximum Efficiency, Safety & Reliability For Your Power Supply

Published 12 Jan 2017

The Decontactor

High Current | High Temperature | Explosion Proof | Multicontact Connectors

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Improve Electrical Safety & Power Reliability

Inertia and a resistance to change prevents progress even where the allure or reason for the initial attraction has long since past.

Working with Marechal, a world-leading manufacturer of industrial plug-socket assemblies, Thorne & Derrick can provide increased safety and improved reliability compared to the traditional “hard-wiring” approach to low voltage power distribution.

The decontactor

DECONTACTOR = PLUG + SOCKET + integral switch disconnector

Marechal Decontactors can be disconnected under full electrical load for planned maintenance or rapid change out of equipment during plant shutdowns and turnarounds.

  • Load Break Release Button & Safety Shutter

Marechal plugs feature a safety button placed on the upper section of the safety socket enabling the user with a single press of the button to disconnect the equipment up to 250A – no specialist skills or training is required to install the plugs.

Marechal plug-socket assemblies can be removed in complete safety – the power outlet installation is safe and does not represent an electrical hazard guaranteeing operating speed and time savings during installation operations or machine shutdown.

As an additional feature a safety shutter protects the user according to IP4X/IPXXD – the live contacts are inaccessible behind the closed shutter.

Anatomy Of The Decontactor  

The Marechal decontactor is a plug and socket with an integral load-break switch – this unique design offers various benefits :

  • contact quality
  • safe disconnection
  • automatically watertight
  • cost reduction due to dual-voltage
  • robust and reliable
Marechal Plugs Sockets

Marechal | The Decontactor

Make The Switch!

Marechal Plugs

Out With The Old, In With The New. Contact T&D to arrange a UK site demonstration or survey of your power distribution requirement. No obligation. No cost.

Whatever The Weather, Wherever The Zone

Sockets & Plugs Protecting Your Plant, People & Reputation

We think we can meet any power challenge.

Automatic IP66/IP67 dust and liquid tightness – check. Hazardous area Zone 1 and Zone 2 – yes, compliant with ATEX and IECEx. Signal and control options – yes, up to 37 contacts. High current capability – got it covered, connect up to 700amps. Handle heat – we can cope, withstand 400°C.

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