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Published 14 Nov 2016

Marechal - Plugs Sockets Decontactors

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Connect Production Machines, Conveyors, Motors, Pumps & packaging units
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Marechal plugs and sockets are waterproof, designed to withstand airborne and permanent humidity found within the food and beverage industry.

In the food and beverage industry electrical safety is critical where plant and machinery is subject to daily deep cleaning, high pressure water spray and steam cleaning.

Electrical power plugs and installations must be protected from water and dust ingress, impact shock and resist microbiological contamination in hazardous area applications.

Electrical safety

Live Disconnect Plugs

Decontactor = Plug + Socket + Motor Load Make/Break Switch

Marechal plugs & sockets can be disconnected under full load for planned maintenance or rapid change out of equipment during plant shutdowns without need for separate isolators and associated hard-wiring.

The decontactor from Marechal is supplied with an integral load-break switch offering technical benefits including quality contact, safe disconnection under load, watertight seal (up to IP68) and power supply reliability.

Marechal Plugs & Sockets For Food & Beverage Industry

Marechal Plugs & Sockets For The Food & Beverage Industry

Marechal plugs and sockets are designed to suit all food and beverage industry applications and are fitted with a built-in switching function called a Decontactor which allows the plug and socket to be connected and disconnected with ease, under load, and without risk of electrocution to workers.

power plug Applications

  • Electrical connection of mobile pumps and water jet hoses
  • Connecting conveyors, cutting machines (slicers, mincers) and local control stations
  • Electrical power supply to production machines, mixers, packaging units, fans, tanks
  • Silos and bulk storage vessels (eg grain stores with Zone 21/22 explosive dust atmospheres)
Marechal Plugs & Sockets For Food & Beverage Industry

Users can quickly and simply connect and disconnect Marechal plugs and sockets either from the wall-mounted electrical outlets or cable coupler to machinery such as conveyors, control stations, packaging units and silos.

Marechal DSN Plugs & Sockets

The Solution to your power requirements

Marechal DSN plugs and sockets are specified throughout the food processing and production industry for low voltage power distribution with current ratings 20A-63A.

DSN plugs provide IP66/67/69 ingress protection for resistance to intensive and deep cleaning associated with pressure power washing of food hygiene areas, including CIP (Cleaning in Place).

IK08 Shock Resistant Plugs

Marechal DSN plug and sockets provide unequalled strength over time and and have an impact resistant GRP casing providing IK08 shock resistance and protection against mechanical impacts up to 5 joules, guaranteeing robust, fast and safe operation during maintenance work – compliant with the IEC EN 60309-1 standard and the European Low Voltage Directive.

DSN range of plugs and sockets are watertight, robust, resistant to chemicals and steam cleaning – ideal for all your food plant safety needs, allowing your production facilities to be as efficient as possible without risk of unplanned downtime caused by sub-standard specification plugs and sockets.

Chemical Resistance

Marechal plugs and sockets are manufactured from highest quality advanced materials with excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals, cleaning solutions, saline solutions, diluted acids, hydrocarbons, mineral oils and alcoholic substances for use in highly corrosive atmospheres.

Marechal Plugs

Butt pin contacts enable the Marechal DSN plug to be safely disconnected on full load – no requirements for separate local isolators.

For humid & corrosive environments – steam cleaning

Marechal Plugs & Sockets For Food & Beverage IndustrySilver-nickel butt contacts resist corrosion even after years of operation and the automatic socket seal resists steam cleaning, water jetting and corrosive chemicals and detergents.

Simple operation in fatty or humid environments

Marechal Plugs & Sockets For Food & Beverage IndustryEven if wearing protective gloves the operator can simply press the release button to eject the plug and a quarter turn removes the now “dead” plug from its socket. For extra safety in-line connections are also switched off.

Daily shutdown and machine mobility

Marechal Plugs & Sockets For Food & Beverage IndustryActs as local isolation, padlocking available ON/OFF.

Robust requirements
Marechal Plugs & Sockets For Food & Beverage Industry

The glassfibre-reinforced (GRP) casings protect against mechanical damage up to 5 joules (IK08) and have an operating temperature of -40°C and +60°C.

ATEX Certification For Hazardous Areas
ATEX Plugs Sockets

Marechal also manufacture plugs and sockets for explosive atmospheres in accordance with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and used in Zones 1 and 2 (gas) and Zone 21 and Zone 22 (dust) including the DXN ATEX plug and sockets.

marechal References

Eckes Granini, France

Manufacturing and marketing ambient temperature fruit juices.

Marechal plugs and sockets for manufacturing of fruit juices.

  • Provide power to pumps (near tanks)
  • Equipment of stainless steel boxes to provide machines to load/unload and prepare fruit juices

Marechal’s DSN plugs and sockets provided Eckes Granini with a robust solution for their production plant which manufactures fruit juice brands including Joker, Rea and Granini.

Due to the constant presence of moisture from the production process and high pressure cleaning, the plugs and sockets needed to be water and dust tight and protected against corrosion from chemical products and detergents, temperature variations and shocks.

Lactalis, France

Marechal plugs and sockets for dairy industry

Marechal plugs and sockets for dairy industry

  • Providing power to pumps in order to mix milk and dairy by-products
  • Supplying power to cleaning stations for tanks

Marechal supplied a flexible and mobile solution allowing pump maintenance and overhaul to be carried out every 6 weeks and the keying positions of the DSN3 allowed for the right connection of plugs and sockets for cleaning stations.

Findus, France

  • Fish packing plants
  • Power supply to coating and breading machines

Alcass, Italy

Marechal plugs and sockets for meat packaging and frozen meals

Marechal plugs and sockets for meat packaging and frozen meals

  • Power supply to production process with plugs and socket on extension cable

Legumex, Belgium

Marechal plugs and sockets for transformer and fresh vegetable wholesaler

Marechal plugs and sockets for fresh vegetable wholesaler

  • Transport and storage of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Power supply to conveyors, production control and packaging machines

Molkerei Alois Muller GMBH & Co. KG, Germany

  • Milk industry
  • Installation and power supply to vaporizers in the storage for milk powder, electrical connections for the dairy process

Stolle Machinery, United States and Brazil

Marechal plugs and sockets for tinned food production

Marechal plugs and sockets for tinned food production

  • Power supply to production process, vaporisers, testers for the production of food and beverage cans

Image: Stolle Machinery

Marechal DSN Plugs - Compact & Watertight Decontactor

Marechal DSN Plugs – Compact & Watertight Decontactor

Industrial plugs & socket-outlets

safe watertight connectors up to IP66/IP67

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