IECEx & ATEX Certified Fan | An Interview with Woodcock & Wilson

Published 10 Sep 2019

  • uploaded by Chris Dodds – Thorne & Derrick Sales/Marketing Manager 

➡ The following is a transcription of an interview with Scott Harding (Sales Director at Woodcock & Wilson Ltd) at the SPE Offshore Europe Conference & Exhibition.

Woodcock and Wilson are the global engineering leaders in the manufacture of industrial Centrifugal & Axial fans – they are the worlds first Independently certified ATEX & IECEx fan manufacturers.

Thorne & Derrick, the Explosive Atmosphere Experts, have signed an Exclusivity Agreement with Woodcock & Wilson to support the sales, marketing and distribution of their Exstream Ventilation Fan into the hazardous area and process industries.

Interviewer: “Well I’m delighted to be joined by Scott Harding from Woodcock & Wilson. I think between us we’re responsible for bringing the pink to Offshore Europe 2019.”

Scott Harding: “We most definitely are. Pink is the way forward I think.”

Interviewer: “We must coordinate our clothing another time”

Scott Harding: “Yes, yes”

Interviewer: “Tell me, this is obviously, it’s a new venue, it’s a tremendously exciting place to be this year. What does it mean to be here at Offshore Europe to the company?”

Scott Harding: “I think its very important to be at one of the premier events in the oil and gas industry. I think Aberdeen are putting on a good show here and I think its going to be good.”

Interviewer: “That’s great to hear. So tell me what this pink item is here in front of us to match our clothing”

Scott Harding: “So this is the ExStream fan range which are a portable ventilation range and its the only one that’s dual certified for mechanical as well as electrical for safety standards”

Interviewer: “The only one in the UK?”

Scott Harding: “The only one in the world that’s actually got this”

Interviewer: “Wow”

Scott Harding: “We are the first company to bring this and try and take fan safety for the oil and gas industry forward.”

Interviewer: “So this has obviously been in, this must have been in R&D for quite some time has it?”

Scott Harding: “It has. It took us quite a while to develop it but the whole range of fans now we are able to manufacture to the ATEX and IECEx mechanical standard as well as electrical”

Interviewer: “So explain further the benefits of that”

Scott Harding: “What happens on this is that with the ATEX and IECEx, it takes any risk away from the end user and puts that on the manufacturer.  Most people buy this product and its self-certified and the risk will still be with Shell and BP. With our product the risk comes back to the actual manufacturer because we are taking ownership for the safety integrity of this product.”

Interviewer: “And that must be another good selling point?”

Scott Harding: “It certainly is yes and its trying to make people aware of the changes to legislation and make them aware of how they can be protected and they don’t have to expose themself in any way.”

Interviewer: “So who are you hoping to speak to and show this product to at the exhibition this week?”

Scott Harding: “It’s mainly the end users or the service users we are talking to. We’re talking to ACCA – we are also talking with people like the Shells and they’ve started to adopt this. BP have now just introduced IECEx as a standard, in particular for fans, and so because we are the only ones with this standard it puts us in a very good position.”

Interviewer: “It sounds like you are. Its been great to talk to you, my partner in pink. I hope the exhibition goes very well for you.”

Scott Harding: “Thank you very much”


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