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Marechal Plugs

Marechal Plugs – call T&D for competitive prices, delivery and expert technical support for the sale and specification of Marechal plugs for industrial and hazardous areas.

Marechal Plugs

Thorne & Derrick are Approved Distributors of the complete range of Marechal Plugs and Socket-Outlets (Decontactors) – please refer to the product groups below for further information.

  • Hazardous Area Plugs – Zone 1 & 2 Plugs & Sockets (Explosion Proof ATEX & IECEx)
  • Industrial Plugs – 16Amp to 250Amp Plugs & Sockets
  • Signal & Control Plugs – 16Amp to 30Amp Up To 37 Contacts
  • High Current Plugs – 75Amp to 700Amp Power Connector Plugs & Sockets
  • High Temperature Plugs – 240° to 400° Celsius Power Connectors
  • Power Distribution Boxes, Connectors, Sockets & Service Boxes
  • Fire Resistant Plugs – Emergency Power Supplies



Decontactor = Plug + Socket + Motor Load Make/Break Switch  

A Decontactor is a plug and socket outlet system with an integrated power switch permitting absolutely safe connection and disconnection of electrical equipment with plug-and-play simplicity.


Marechal Decontactor – Benefits Of Marechal Electric Plug & Socket Assemblies

Marechal Plugs Sockets

Electrical Safety

      • Load-break Release Button

A button located on the Marechal safety socket enables the operator, with a single press of the button, to live disconnect the electrical equipment up to 250A – no specialist training or skills are required ensuring the plug can be removed in complete safety without electrocution risk to the user.

Marechal plugs and sockets guarantee operating speed and time savings during installation, operations or machinery plant shutdown where rapid turnaround of power distribution is required.

      • Safety Shutter

Marechal safety shutter protects the user to IP4X/IPXXD – the live contacts are inaccessible behind this closed shutter.


      • Crimped Braiding

Marechal Electric plug and socket system combines a crimped braid with a spiral-shaped spring guaranteeing highest performance levels – the flexibility of the crimped braid enables the tips of the Marechal female contact to remain in perfect alignment with the tip of the male contact without affecting performance.

The spiral spring provides comfort for use as the force applied to create the electrical connection functions with a small fraction of its elasticity.

Marechal Plugs - Butt Contacts

Marechal Butt Contacts – exceptional electrical connections every time.

Marechal butt contacts with silver-nickel tips guarantee exceptional electrical connections in high current, high temperature and hazardous area installations – conductivity is optimal with pressure applied contacts.

Marechal plug contacts are anti-corrosive providing high resistance to corrosion in industrial applications with excellent mechanical (IK08) and climatic shock resistance (-40°C to +60°C under operation conditions).

Marechal plugs guarantee the permanent absorption and tolerance to repeat electrical power overloads – T&D can provide expert technical support and technical specification recommendations for providing power to electric motors, generation sets, pumps and the associated high starting current requirements.

      • Quality Casings

Marechal plugs feature glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) or metal casings according to the Decontactor model – the material choice contributes to the plugs and sockets excellent mechanical strength, long life expectancy and suitability for all industrial and hazardous area power installations.

      • Modular Components

Marechal 230/400V (3P+N+E dual-voltage) sockets are designed to receive four-phase and three-phase 400V plugs and single-phase 230V plugs. This compatibility constitutes a significant saving for the user when installing Marechal sockets.

      • modular plug-socket system to suit a maximum number of different combinations

Marechal provides maximum versatility – by combining 2 products (inlet or socket-outlet) and 3 assembly accessories (wall box, inclined sleeve, handle), 6 additional products can be obtained.

      • Improving Control : Pilot Auxiliary Contacts

This option provides feedback to the Centralised Management System (CMS) on the ON/OFF position of the socket outlet – with the capability to transmit information, such as the temperatures originating from an isothermal probe.

For harsh power distribution applications (high induction, high direct current intensities and Zone 1/2 hazardous areas), the contacts can control a contactor.

Marechal Plugs

Keying Marechal Plugs – capable of 24 keying positions on a single electrical appliance

Keying Of Marechal Plugs & Sockets

Keying is associated with positions on the Marechal electrical plugs and sockets – it differentiates each plug and socket through the machining one of the notches, or «notching», 24 different types of electrical current, which is determined by the voltage/frequency pair.

The line colours provided in the Marechal general catalogue also match the relevant international standards. They appear on the ring and voltage label on the base of the connector, thus enabling the frequency/voltage pair assigned to the appliance to be easily identified – 24 keying positions are available.

Most of them match an assigned operating voltage. Others remain free to meet other voltage requirements or to create specific and customised versions.

Marechal Plugs overview

T&D can provide excellent support and specification guidance on the selection and supply of Marechal Decontactors.

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➡ For complete information about Marechal Plugs including technical specifications, hazardous area certifications and ordering details please refer to the product section below.

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