Hazardous Area Connectors | Amphenol Amphe-EX EXM-A02 Panel Mount Receptacle

Amphenol Hazardous Area Connectors

Hazardous Area Connectors

Amphenol Amphe-EX EXM-A02 | ATEX & IECEx Connectors

Zone 1 & Zone 2 Hazardous Areas | Explosion Proof

The Amphe-EX range of hazardous area connectors, manufactured by Amphenol, is designed for use in ATEX and IECEx rated hazardous locations and potentially explosive atmospheres.

AMPHE-EX connectors are equipped to handle signal, power, RF or fibre optic requirements, even in the most onshore or offshore harsh and hazardous environments.

AMPHE-EX offers a complete array of insert patterns, ranging from 2 # 20 contacts, up to 79 # 22D contacts.

In addition there are several connector shell variations available including panel mount receptacle types.

Amphenol is able to provide RJ45 connections and fibre optic termini into an ATEX and IECEx approved interconnect solution.

Chemical Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Petrochemical Refineries, Land and Offshore Drilling Platforms are just a few of the areas where these hazardous area connectors will provide increased performance.

AMPHE-EX connectors are made from machined aluminium components, and plated in a hard anodic coating designed to withstand extreme environments. Double-lead acme threads allow for a self cleaning mating action that does not clog under adverse conditions of ice, snow, mud or sand.

The materials and design features of the Amphenol AMPHE-EX range have been selected to satisfy the stringent requirements of the Military and Aerospace industries. These connectors combine electrical and mechanical capabilities that equal or exceed many of the parameters established by the Military specification MIL-5015.



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Amphenol Amphe-EX EXM-A02

Connector specification

High Tensile Strength Aluminium: Bar Stock components precision machined, with points of impact designed for extra strength.

Hard Anodic Plating: All machined aluminium parts are finished with a hard, scratch resistant coating per Mil-A-8625, Type III. (300 days salt spray performance).

Easily Accessible Wire Terminals: Conductors are readily terminated to contacts. Cable housings are slipped over conductors after terminating. Eliminates cumbersome handling and seating of inserts with conductors attached.

Large Wire Spacing: Ample wire space is provided in cable housings and hardware.

Cable Options: Cable gland terminations available to allow variety of cable types including unarmoured, armoured and sheathed cable built to the IEEE-45, UL1309, IEC, BS, DIN and JIC standards. Flexible cables like SOOW-A, W, G-GC and DLO constructions can also be used with the AMPHE-EX series connectors. For Cable Gland information, ask for Amphenol Cable Glands and Cord Grips catalogue # 12- 055.

Insert Variations: A broad variety of inserts are offered ranging from 2 # 20 awg, up to 79 # 22D awg contacts. Numerous hybrid inserts available that offer combination copper and Coax/Twinax. In addition, Fibre Optic and RJ45 options available.

Amphenol Industrial Products Group is pleased to provide web users with 3D STEP and IGES files of their EX connectors – ask T&D for details.

This table enables the selection and specification of the correct type of hazardous area connector from the Amphenol Amphe-EX EXM-A02 range – should you require any technical support or advice please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hazardous Area Connectors EX Zone 1 Zone 2 ATEX IECEx Connectors

Hazardous Area Connectors EX Zone 1 Zone 2 ATEX IECEx Connectors

Connector Shell SizeA
Flange Dimension (inches, mm)
Mounting Dimension (inches, mm)
Thread Adapter
91.772 (45)1.299 (33).750 NPT (M25)
111.772 (45)1.299 (33).750 NPT (M25)
132.008 (51)1.535 (39)1.00 NPT (M32)
152.008 (51)1.535 (39)1.00 NPT (M32)
172.126 (54)1.693 (43)1.25 NPT (M40)
192.126 (54)1.693 (43)1.25 NPT (M40)
212.126 (54)1.693 (43)1.25 NPT (M40)
Amphenol EXM-A02 Hazardous Area Connectors

Amphenol Amphe-EX EXM-A02 Connectors

Amphenol Amphe-EX EXM-A02

Panel Mount Receptacle

How To Order Connectors

  • EXM – Connector Series by Amphenol
  • A – Connector Material
  • 06 – Connector Style
  • 9 – Shell Size
  • 35 – Insert Arrangement
  • P – Contact Type
  • A – Cable Gland Size
  • 01 – Alternate Positions
  • (  ) – Special Deviations

➡ Caps and cable glands come as standard on all connector assemblies.

Connector Series
EXM – Designates Amphe-EX Series of Amphenol Connectors

A – designates Aluminium Alloy Black Hardcoat
S – designates Stainless Steel 316L

Connector Style
00 – Flangeless Panel Mount Receptacle (Resin)
01 – Fix Inline Receptacle with EX Cable Gland
02 – Panel Mount Receptacle (Resin)
03 – Flangeless Inline Receptacle with EX cable Gland
06 – Plug with EX Cable Gland

Shell Size
9 to 21 size connector shells are available

Insert Arrangement
See insert arrangement chart and inset arrangements illustrations
Copper Contacts included – FO termini are optionals and can replace AWG16 contacts


Complete range of connector insert arrangements are available to order

Contact Type
P – Pin contacts (Standard 500 cycles)
S – Socket contacts (Standard 500 cycles)

Cable Back EndConnector Back End Cable Glands
IF 01, 03 or 06 –  for appropriate cable O.D selection see Cable Gland Selection Chart
IF 00 or 02 – Connector comes with Resin (Epoxy / Potting Compound)

Alternate Positions
Rotation of minor keys. Omit for standard Keyway “N”
See Standard Insert Alternate Positioning

Specials Deviations
Omit for cable gland for Unarmoured cable
BS. . . . EX cable gland for universal armoured cable
BSR . . EX reduced cable gland for universal armoured cable

Amphenol Connectors

Explosion Proof & Hazardous Area Connectors | ATEX | IECEx

Hazardous Area Connectors EX Zone 1 & Zone 2

Amphe-EX Hazardous Area | Connectors certified for ATEX Zone 1 & Zone 2 (T6, T5 & T4)
Explosive Atmosphere Gases, Vapours and Mists – Ex de IIC Gb Tamb between -40°c to +55°c
Fibre Optic OP PR – Ex op pr IIC Gb Tamb between -40°c to +55°c *
Fibre Optic OP IS – Ex op is IIC Gb Tamb between -40°c to +55°c *
Combustible Dusts – Ex tb IIIC Db (T80°c & T95°c) IP6X Tamb between -40°c to +55°c
ATEX Certified Hazardous Area Zone 1 & 2- Cert. # SIRA 07ATEX1229X
IECEx Certified Hazardous Area Zone 1 & 2- Cert # SIR 08.0029X
EAC Ex Zone 1 & 2 Hazardous Areas
Cenelec IP68 Ingress Protection
Inserts designed around Mil –DTL 38999 standards
RoHS Compliant

Thorne & Derrick International, also distribute the Marechal range of power, signal and control connectors and plug/socket assemblies with ATEX Certification.

Amphenol Connectors | Pictured left-to-right: EXM-A00 Flangeless Panel Mount Receptacle (Resin) | EXM-A01 Inline Receptacle | EXM-A02 Panel Mounted Receptacle | EXM-A03 Flangeless Inline Receptable | EXM-A06 Straight Plug

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