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Hazardous Areas


The Amphe-EX range of hazardous area connectors suitable for explosive atmosphere applications are manufactured by Amphenol – several connector shell variations are available for power and signal applications in Zoned hazardous areas and potentially explosive atmospheres.

Front face of pin inserts illustrated

➡ Note – Size 8 cavities can be supplied with either twin-ax or coax

Amphenol Hazardous Area Connectors

Amphenol Connectors | Contact Legend

Hazardous Area Connectors | Amphenol
Insert Arrangement9-359-949-9811-211-511-3511-9811-99
Service RatingMMIIIMII
Number of Contacts623251367
Contact Size AWG22D2020162022D2020


Hazardous Area Connectors | Amphenol
Insert Arrangement13-413-813-1313-3513-9815-515-1515-18
Service RatingIIIFibre OpticMIIIII
Number of Contacts48222210514118
Contact Size AWG1620161222D2016201620
Dedicated to Fibre Optics


Hazardous Area Connectors | Amphenol
Insert Arrangement15-1915-3515-9715-AC17-217-6
Service RatingIMIMMI
Number of Contacts1937842423816
Contact Size AWG2022D201622D1622D8 Twinax12


Hazardous Area Connectors | Amphenol
Insert Arrangement17-817-2217-2617-3117-3517-99
Service RatingIICoaxIMMI
Number of Contacts822241144212
Contact Size AWG1612 Coax8 Coax2022D2016162016


Hazardous Area Connectors | Amphenol
Insert Arrangement19-1119-3119-3219-3519-RJ
Service RatingIIMIMCAT5 – CAT6
Number of Contacts1121123266ETHERNET
Contact Size AWG168 Coax1222D2022D


Hazardous Area Connectors | Amphenol
Insert Arrangement19-6821-1121-1621-35
Service RatingIIIIM
Number of Contacts18111679
Contact Size AWG16121622D


Hazardous Area Connectors | Amphenol
Insert Arrangement21-3921-4121-75
Service RatingIIM
Number of Contacts372414
Contact Size AWG2016208 Coax



Thorne & Derrick are Specialist Distributors of Hazardous Area & Explosion Proof Equipment with IECEx & ATEX Certifications to the onshore and offshore oil, gas, petrochemicals and process industries.

Key Product Categories: Control Panels | Plugs & Sockets | Isolators | Enclosures & Junction Boxes | Lighting | Control Stations | Motor Starters | Heat Trace Cables & Systems | Gas Detection & Detectors | Fire Detection & Detectors | Heat Detectors | Electrical Heating & Heaters 

➡ Also Process Instrumentation Products: Ashcroft Pressure Gauges | ASCO Valves | Katronic Flow Meters | KROHNE Flow Meters VEGA Level Sensors | Rotronic Temperature & Humidity Sensors | SIKA Pressure Gauges

Amphenol Hazardous Area Connectors

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