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What Is A Hazardous Area?

The IEC has defined and identified 3 areas or Zone classifications for workplace locations considered to be potentially explosive atmospheres due to the presence of hazardous flammable gases or vapours – these industries are commonly grouped as hazardous areas and are typically include onshore and offshore oil, gas and petrochemical sectors. They are as follows:

  • ZONE 0 HAZARDOUS AREA – Explosive atmosphere is continuously present. Zone in which an explosive mixture of gas, vapour or mist is continuously present.
  • ZONE 1 HAZARDOUS AREA – Explosive atmosphere is often present. Zone in which an explosive mixture of gas, vapour or mist is likely to occur during normal operations.
  • ZONE 2 HAZARDOUS AREA – Explosive atmosphere may be present. Zone in which an explosive mixture of gas, vapour or mist is not likely to occur in normal operation and if it occurs, it will only exist for a short time (leaks or maintenance).

IECEx International Electrotechnical Commission System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres (IECEx System)

Hazardous Area Connectors


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Features & Benefits of Connectors

Connector MaterialHazardous Area Connectors
The connector shells manufactured by Amphenol are machined from high-tensile strength aluminium and plated with a hard anodic coating or stainless steel to withstand the most extreme onshore and offshore hazardous area environments.

Contact Types
There are many sizes and types of hazardous area connectors with different contact configurations that can be used on Amphenol connector series. Insert patterns ranging from 2 to 79 contacts include RF, fibre optic, and coaxial applications.

Mating System
The Double-Lead Acme threaded coupling systems of the connectors ensure a positive mating which allows for self-cleaning mating action and does not clog with ice, mud, snow, or sand. Inserts are compatible with the D38999 series III layouts up to shell size 21.

Additional keying of the connector shells ensure that mis-mating of similar connectors does not occur in explosive environments and hazardous areas.

Physical Size
Smaller interface than most heavy-duty, hazardous are rated and ATEX/IECEx certified connectors.

Ease of Assembly
Conductors are easily terminated to the contacts with ample space to slip cable housing over conductors to eliminate seating of inserts and cumbersome handling.

Accommodation of Various Cable Types
The cable gland terminations allow for the use of various types of cable in the construction such as unarmoured, armoured, and sheathed cable. Flexible cables such as SOOW-A,W, G-GC and DLO can also be used with these connectors.

Hazardous Area Connector Approvals
ATEX for Zone 1 IIC, IECex, and Centelec IP68-rated

  • SIRA ATEX Hazardous Area Certified 07ATEX1229X
  • SIRA IECEx Hazardous Area Certified  SIR 08.0029X
  • Cenelec IP 68 rated
  • RoHS Compliant Available
  • Inserts designed around Mil –DTL 38999 standards

Thorne & Derrick International, also distribute the Marechal range of power, signal and control connectors and plug/socket assemblies with ATEX Certification.

Hazardous Areas

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