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HDE Ex Connectors, manufactured by Amphenol, are compatible with Pyle National AF/GD connectors and are designed for use in the following hazardous area applications:

  • Motor Operated Valves
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Pipeline Pumping
  • Oil Rigs
  • Gas Processing
  • Ship to Shore Communications (L.N.G. and Oil Tankers)
  • Plastics and Synthetic Rubber Processing
  • Chemical Manufacturing Facilities
  • Logging Equipment
  • Monitoring Gasoline Storage Facilities
  • Synthetic Fuels Handling

EX connectors HDE SERIES

Amphenol HDE Ex Connectors are manufactured from 316 grade Stainless Steel or Aircraft Quality Aluminium and are available in various styles and sizes with a wide range of insert arrangements, shell styles, cable retention styles, contact genders, colours, pigtail lengths and termination styles. Available with or without an alternate insert key position.

Shell Styles – There are four shell styles to suit different applications i) Plug, In-Line (Style 10); ii) Receptacle, In-Line (Style 15); iii) Receptacle, for Box or Panel-Mount (Style 17); iv) Receptacle, National Pipe Tapered (NPT) Mount (Style 19).

Shell Size – Ex Connectors by Amphenol are available with shell sizes 16, C16, 20 C20, 24, C24, 28 and C28.

Cable Retention Styles – 

  1. Style 1: Enclosure (Junction Box)
  2. Style 2: Mechanical Clamp (with Grommet)
  3. Style 3: Metric Thread for EEx d Gland
  4. Style 4: Basket Weave Grip (with Grommet)
  5. Style 5: Compression Nut (with Grommet)
  6. Style 7: NPT Internal Mount

Gland Sizes – range from 16 to 28 for each of the cable retention styles shown above.

Insert Configurations – Amphenol HDE Ex Connectors offer a vast selection of insert arrangements ranging from 3 to 60 connections. Meaning both male and female configurations are possible with the same hardware.

Contact Gender – P – Pin or Male Contact| S – Socket or Female Contact

Contact Termination Style – There are three contact termination style options: Crimp Contact (N) and Pressue (R) and Solder

Colour Coding – Plugs and receptacles are available with several color coding variations for specific application identification. This coding could include the plug coupling nut and cover with matching colors on various receptacle components. Ex Connectors are available in Black (BK), Red (R), White (W), Blue (BL), Green (G), Orange (OR), Yellow (Y), Brown (BR), Purple (P) and Grey (GY).

Pigtail Lengths – The standard pigtail length for ‘Style 17’ box or panel-mount receptacle shells is 914.4 mm/36 inches. For ‘Style 19’ NPT mount receptacle shells, the standard length of pigtails is 1219.2 mm/48 inches.

Alternate Insert Key Positions – For added safety, inserts can be keyed in alternate positions to prevent mating of differing voltages, frequencies or services.


Receptacle NPT Designed to thread into explosion proof enclosures

Receptacle NPT | Designed to thread into explosion proof enclosures

Designed to be resistant to corrosive environments, junction boxes are sand cast, copperfree aluminum, protected by a robust powder coated finishing system. The plug and receptacle shells are produced from 6061T6 aluminum and finished with hard anodizing to exceed corrosion resistance requirements per MIL-STD 202, Method 101, Condition D.

The factory sealed junction box, NPT and panel-mounted receptacles are pre-wired and factory sealed, meaning external seals are not required.

Electrical interlock switch receptacles with junction boxes are available with this variation of hazardous area Ex Connectors, often used as a motor disconnect. The switch remains open in normal circumstances and is operated automatically by insertion or withdrawal of the correct plug.

An internal labyrinth flame path will distribute and dissipate any dangerous ignitions which should occur within the connector.

Amphenol HDE Ex Connectors feature flexible conduit attachment plugs and receptacles, available with backshell hardware, for use with explosion proof, flexible conduit in Division 1 areas and Sealtite in Division 2.  The connectors are designed and tested to meet the most demanding of circumstances, including hazardous area locations designated asClass 1 Div 1 and Zone 1. Ingress Protection rating is IP68.

The zero dwell snap action all but eliminates the possibility of sparking by quickly engaging, or disengaging, contacts with a spring loaded design.

The Amphenol HDE Ex Connectors are both explosion proof and submersible. When fully connected, the HDE series is able to withstand 200 PSI of external pressure, as well as 100 PSI of internal pressure.

Either box or in-line mounting options are available. Cable-mounted or in-line receptacles, are available with backshell variations and watertight threaded covers, meaning with this design, assemblies can be built in an “extension cord” style.

Ex Connectors – Product options

Sealing all Junction Box, NPT and Panel-Mounted ReceptaclesPre-wired and factory sealed eliminating need for external seals
Covers, Environmental & ThreadedAvailable with all connectors
PigtailsNormally 36”, can be any length to suit applications
Gender ConnectorsSupplied with “reverse service” inserts when lineside power is carried in the plug to a receptacle
Keying InsertsKeyed for phase & voltage separation
Color Coding ConnectorsCoded for use identification
Purged Systems Factory SealingAmphenol receptacles are ideal for use with this type of technology
Custom AssembliesAvailable to user’s specifications – Contact T&D for details

Amphenol Ex Connectors

Amphenol Receptacle, Junction Box For Division 1 Installations


Amphenol Plug Attachments-min

Amphenol Plug Attachments

Amphenol Connectors

Amphenol Hazardous Area Connectors

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