Ex d Flameproof | Explosive Atmospheres & Explosion Proof Protection Concepts

Ex d Flameproof

Ex d or Flameproof means that an enclosure or junction box is manufactured and certified as explosion proof according to explosion protection concepts.

The Flameproof classification is a type of protection in which the parts that can ignite in an explosive atmosphere are placed within an enclosure that can withstand the force created and pressure developed during an internal explosion. Therefore if an explosion should occur inside of the enclosure, it will either be contained within or any escaping flames would be cooled by the flame path. This reduces the risk of igniting an external explosive atmosphere.

Other hazardous area equipment that can be designated as Ex d or flameproof, for example a flameproof cable gland, is designed in a way that it will maintain the Ex d integrity of any flameproof enclosure to which it is fitted.

This method of explosion protection also prevents the external hazardous atmosphere from entering the enclosure and coming into contact with equipment.

Explosive Atmospheres &

Explosion Protection Concepts

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