Marechal RETTBOX Plugs 20A & 32A Decontactors

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Marechal RETTBOX Plugs 20A & 32A Decontactors

Marechal RETTBOX Plugs 20A & 32A Decontactors

Marechal RETTBOX plugs and sockets are battery charging connector systems for use with emergency rescue vehicles.

They have an electromagnetic self-eject system comprising of a coupler socket and an inlet mounted in a recessed box within the vehicle which contains the connector.

When stationary, a mobile inlet supplies power inside the box and on ignition, a solenoid plunger automatically lifts the socket release latch, ejecting the plug from the inlet.

The RETTBOX decontactor is available for power supply with a secure/automatic ejection as standard or the RETTBOX-Air power supply with compressed air supply up to 13 bar.

Marechal RETTBOX Plugs – Technical Features

  • 20 A or 32 A
  • Efficiency and quick use
  • Safety ensured with the self-eject system
  • Flexibility of settings
  • Safety for personnel and goods in case of sprayed water thanks to IP65 watertightness
  • AISI 316L stainless steel housing with electromagnetic coil (12V DC-24V DC)
  • 5 pin connector for anti-start function
  • Voltage presence indicator
  • Plug and socket use silver-nickel butt contacts with metal braids complying with EN 60309-1

Marechal RETTBOX Plugs – Main Features

FrontStainless Steel
BoxGlassfiber Reinforced PolyamideStainless Steel
Protection Mode (Trapdoor Closed)IP55
Self-Closing Coupler SocketIP55
Front Dimensions (LxH)114mm x 184mm132mm x 188mm
Cut-Out Dimensions On Vehicle’s Frame (LxHxP)83mm x 163mm x 94mm103mm x 173mm x 145mm
Coupler Socket Cable Supplied4m4m*4m4m*
Auxiliary Contacts (Optional)2 AuxNo3 Aux3 Aux
Weight (Excluding Coupler Socket)1,200g3,200g
Built-In Decontactor20A32A
Compressed Air DuctNoUp to 13 BarsNoUp to 13 Bars

*With duct for compressed air.

Marechal RETTBOX Plugs 20A & 32A Decontactors

RETTBOX Decontactors are part of the Marechal Industrial Plug range.

Marechal RETTBOX Plugs - Install & Operation Guidelines

Marechal RETTBOX Plugs – Install & Operation Guidelines

Marechal RETTBOX Plugs - Install & Operation Guidelines

Marechal RETTBOX Plugs - Install & Operation Guidelines

Install & Operation Guidelines
  • Disassemble the installation frame by removing the 4 hexagonal screws. This frame is used as a master plate (figure F1).
  • Place the frame with the flat side against the surface of the vehicle and mark the interior contour and the 6 small fixing holes (figure F2).
  • Cut out an area approximately 1 mm to 2 mm outside the marked area. The 6 fixing holes must be drilled with a diameter of 3.3 mm.
  • Assemble the installation frame and the gasket on the vehicle, by means of the supplied 6 3.2 x 8 mm blind rivets (figure F3).
  • Insert the box with the gasket into installation frame, push it firmly in and screw it to the frame from the inside, using the 4 hexagonal screws, through the oblong screw-holes (figure F1).

Wiring (See table T2.)

(RETTBOX / RETTBOX-Air 20 A only)

  • The RETTBOX / RETTBOX-Air are normally delivered in pre-wired condition. If the RETTBOX /RETTBOX-Air’s are not pre-wired, proceed as follows:
  • Remove the rear cover by removing the 4 Torx screws (figure F4);
  • Introduce the wires for the on-board power supply and the lifting magnet supply through the cable glands at the rear or at the bottom of the box. For the RETTBOX -Air, also introduce the compressed air supply pipe;
  • Disassemble the vehicle inlet from the equipment plate and wire the conductors to their respective terminals. Reassemble the vehicle inlet in its original orientation;
  • (RETTBOX-Air) Connect the compressed air pipe;
  • Wire the lifting magnet with conductors of at least 1.5 mm² cross-section;
  • Reassemble the rear cover on the box and fix it in place by using the 4 Torx screws;
  • Tighten manually the cable glands.


  • Only devices with compatible contact configurations and electrical ratings will mate with each other.
  • Lift RETTBOX / RETTBOX -Air sliding cover and keep it up (figure F5);
  • Open connector cover, hinge at the top, and insert it over the vehicle inlet until it latches. The vehicle is powered (figure 6);
  • When the engine is started, the connector is ejected from the vehicle inlet and the sliding lid closes automatically. The vehicle can drive away in complete safety;
  • Adjust the length of the supply flexible cord to prevent the connector from falling onto the floor when ejected.


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