Marechal Star-Delta Motor Connectors – 7 Pole Connectors & Load Break Switches (30A-50A)

Marechal Star-Delta Motor Connectors - 7 Pole Connectors & Load Break Switches (30A-50A)

Star-Delta Motor Connectors are part of the Marechal Industrial Plug range.

Marechal motor connectors


Marechal Star-Delta motor connectors have current ratings from 30A to 50A with the ability to connect motors with two operating speeds and a maximum voltages of 415V – 500V.

Star-Delta motor connectors allow you to connect and disconnect the motors safely thanks to the ability to withstand high overloads without over-heating or affecting performance. When a motor starts, the short-time overload generated is many times greater than the nominal current.

Marechal star-delta Motor connectors – Technical Features

Marechal Part Number Marechal DN9C Marechal DS7C3
Imax per phase 30 A 50 A
Umax 415 V 500 V
AC-22 switching capability  30 A / 415 V 50 A / 500 V
Same Dimension as DN1 DS6
Auxiliary contacts (max) 2 3
Keying Positions (To distinguish between different power supplies & applications) 2 5
Ambient Temperature -40 °C to +60 °C for all
Wiring (terminals) screw-type

MARECHAL Star-Delta Motor connector StandardsMarechal Plugs International Standards

Marechal Star-Delta motor connectors comply with:

  • The European Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/CE (2014/35/EU from April 20 2016)
  • The European ‘Machine Directive’ 2006/42/CE regarding equipment isolation
  • The French NF C 15-100 standard
  • The French decree dated 20 December 2011 pertaining to the wiring and operating condi-tions of movable electrical apparatuses
  • The decrees relating to workers’ protection in Belgium, Spain and Italy
  • The load-break capability for AC-22 category described in IEC EN 60947-3
MarechaL Star-Delta Motor Connectors Options

A full range of power plug options are available – contact T&D for other voltages, frequencies and contact configurations.

  • 6P+E
  • 6P+E+2aux
  • 6P+E+3aux
Marechal Star-delta MOTOR CONNECTORS & Power Distribution Systems

Marechal Star-Delta motor connectors (plug and socket outlets with integral power switch) are supported by an ancillary range of wall mounting sockets, wall boxes, socket outlets, sleeves, inlets and handles.

Marechal Star-Delta Handles

Marechal Star-Delta Boxes


Marechal Star-Delta

Contact T&D To Discuss Technical Specifications For Marechal Star-Delta Motor Connectors

IEC 60309 Plugs

IEC 60309 is an international standard from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for “plugs, socket-outlets and couplers for industrial purposes” and high-current power connectors.

Also certified by VERITAS LCIE, UL, AS, VDE, TR CU (GOST) and cCSAus (French, American, Australian, German, Russian and Canadian inspection laboratories) and by BUREAU VERITAS MARINE.

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