Rotronic CF3-D/-DISP CO2 Gas Measurement Transmitter (Duct Mounted)

Rotronic CF3-D/-DISP CO2 Gas Measurement Transmitter

Rotronic CF3-D/-DISP CO2 Gas Measurement Transmitter

Rotronic CF3-D/-DISP CO2 is a carbon dioxide measurement instrument suitable for duct mounting and installation into vents.

Typical applications for the Rotronic CF3-D/-DISP include ventilation control in residential properties, offices, classrooms, cinemas and hospitals.

Rotronic cf3-d/-disp co2 product benefits

  • Measurement range: 0…2,000 ppm
  • Measurement technique: infrared (NDIR) with automatic calibration
  • Accuracy: ±30 ppm
  • Power supply: 16…29 VDC/AC
  • Output 1 (0…2,000 ppm): 0…10 VDC
  • Output 2 (0…2,000 ppm): 4…20 mA (no output 2 in CF3-W-EU(US)-Disp-FLI)
  • Range of application: 0…50 °C (30…120 °F) / 0…95 %RH
  • Maintenance: not necessary
  • Lifetime: >15 years

Rotronic cf3-d/-disp co2 mounting instructions

As there may be a substantial pressure difference in duct mounting applications, it is essential to avoid ambient air from suction into the duct mounting box. to ensure correct function, it is imperative that the sealing of the box cover, the cable entry bushings, the cable feed through and the duct entrance are absolutely tight.

The duct entrance may need extra sealing paste in order to prevent leakage.

Electrical cable entry – The Rotronic CF3-D/-DISP CO2 features a factory mounted cable entry bushing and no more than one cable should ever be fed through each cable bushing.

Mounting the tube – In order to mount the tube, drill a hole with 25mm diameter for the sampling probe and two holes with a 4mm diameter for the screws into the air duct and mount the tube with the gasket.

Rotronic CF3-D/-DISP CO2 Gas Measurement Transmitter Technical Specifications

Dimensions 142 x 84 x 46 mm / Probe 245 x 22 x 15 mm
Display Type In option, LCD, 1-line
Enclosure Material ABS
IP Protection Rating IP65

Rotronic CF3-D/-DISP CO2 Measurement Instrument Meter Guidelines

350 – 450 ppm 400 – 1,200 ppm >1,000 ppm 5,000 ppm (0.5 %vol) 38,000 ppm (3.8 %vol) >100,000 ppm (10%vol)
Fresh air outdoors Room air Fatigue and loss of concentration become apparent. Maximum permissible value at the workplace during an 8-hour workday Breathing air (direct exhalation) Nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness and death



Rotronic devices including transmitters, data loggers and hand held instruments are used for regulating ventilation in living areas, offices, classrooms, cinemas, hospitals and also for measuring CO2 pollution in garages, tunnels and logistics facilities. Rotronic carbon dioxide gas measurement instruments monitor indoor air quality (IAQ) safeguarding the health, productivity and comfort of occupants.

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