Sick PBS Hygienic Pressure Measurement Sensors


SICK PBS Hygienic Pressure Measurement Sensors

  • Hygienically-graded pressure switch with display for the food and beverage industry
  • Wetted parts are made from stainless steel 1.4435
  • Individually programmable switching outputs and analog output
  • Pressure values are indicated on the display
  • Unit of pressure value in the display can be switched
  • Output states are indicated separately via large LEDs
  • IO-Link


  • Safe hygienic operation due to flush-mounted, highly resistant stainless steel membrane and hygienic process connections
  • Suitability for CIP and SIP ensures high system availability
  • Safe and easy setup with three large pushbuttons and legible, rotatable display
  • Rotatable housing for optimum cable routing
  • Wide range of available configurations enable customer-specific solutions
  • High reliability: Corrosion-resistant design of wetted parts and housing with IP 65 and IP 67 enclosure ratings
  • Ultimate system availability: IO-Link enables fast, reliable parameter setting when changing over products

The SICK PBS Hygienic pressure measurement sensor is an electronic pressure switch which has been designed for use in the food and beverage industry. The wetted parts are gap-free and have no dead spaces and is designed for CIP and SIP processes. This enables safe hygienic operation in conjunction with optimised system throughput.

The PBS Hygienic has high-quality stainless steel surfaces are smooth and easy to clean and the highly resistant stainless steel membrane is welded to the hygienic process connection without gaps or edges.

The SICK PBS Hygienic is available with up to two switching outputs, an analog output and IO-Link in a single device and its intuitive configuration via three large push buttons and display facilitates operation.

The PBS Hygienic housing can be rotated in two ways, allowing the display and electrical connection to be aligned according to specific installation situation and is available with a variety of measuring ranges and process connections ensuring it is suitable for universal use.


Device TypePressure Switch
Measuring RangeGauge Pressure:  0 bar … 1 bar up to 0 bar … 25 bar
Absolute Pressure: 0 bar … 1 bar up to 0 bar … 25 bar
Compound Pressure: -1 bar … 0 bar up to -1 bar … +24 bar
Pressure UnitBar, MPa, psi and kg/cm²
Accuracy≤ ± 1 % of the span
Setting Accuracy of Switching Outputs≤ ± 0.5 % of span
Signal outputsSwitching outputs PNP or NPN, analog output signal plus optional IO-Link
Electrical connectionRound Connector M12 x 1


Pressure Measurement SENSOR APPLICATIONS

SICK PBS Hygienic Pressure Measurement Sensors enable pressure measurement in industrial applications.

  • Hygienic pressure measurement and monitoring in the food and beverage industry
  • Bottle filling machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Hydrostatic level measurement of liquids in tall tanks

Level measurement in storage tanks
Sick PBS Hygienic Pressure Measurement Sensors

Sick PBS Hygienic Pressure Measurement Sensors are used within the beverage industry for constant monitoring of the fill level in storage tanks. They must be suitable for use in hygienic applications due to their close contact with liquids.

With its highly resistant, flush-mounted, stainless-steel membrane and hygienic process connections, the PBS Hygienic pressure sensor offers reliable and sanitary operation, as well as high availability of CIP and SIP systems.

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