Sick PBT Pressure Measurement Sensors


SICK PBT Pressure Measurement Sensors

  • Pressure measurement ranges from 0 bar … 1 bar up to 0 bar … 600 bar
  • Relative, absolute, and ± measuring ranges
  • Large number of process connections available
  • No mechanical moving parts. Hence no wear, fatigue, or maintenance
  • Circularly welded, hermetically sealed stainless steel membrane
  • Output signal 4 mA … 20 mA, 0 V … 5 V or 0 V … 10 V
  • Electrical connection M12 x 1, angled plug (acc. to DIN 175301-803 A) or cable connection


  • Compact size takes up less space
  • Simple and cost-saving installation
  • Available in a wide selection of configurations, enabling a perfect match to individual customer requirements
  • Robust design enables higher reliability
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

The SICK PBT pressure measurement sensor is a universal electronic pressure transmitter used in general industrial applications for pressure measurement of liquid and gaseous fluids.

The Sick PBT is suitable for standard measuring applications in machine and plant engineering, pressure control systems, hydraulics, pneumatics and more and supports a wide variety of configurations for individual customer requirements.

Device TypePressure Transmitter
Measuring rangeGauge Pressure: 0 bar … 1 bar up to 0 bar … 600 bar
Absolute Pressure: 0 bar … 1 bar up to 0 bar … 25 bar
Compound Pressure: -1 bar … 0 bar up to -1 bar … +24 bar
Pressure UnitBar, MPa, psi and kg/cm²
Accuracy≤ ± 1 % of the span
≤ ± 0.5 % of the span
≤ ± 0.6 % of the span
Signal outputsAnalog
Electrical connectionM12 Round Connector x 1, Angled Plug, Cable Connection

Pressure measurement in the hydraulic cylinder
Sick PBT Pressure Measurement Sensors

The Sick PBT pressure transmitter continuously measures the oil pressure in both cylinders of the upper tool during the bending process.

The analog signal is evaluated in the machine controller, which ensures that the correct bending force is used for the workpiece and the cylinders are synchronized.

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