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Published 24 Sep 2019

Amphenol Amphe-SP3 Electric Vehicles

Amphenol Amphe-SP3 on Electrical Vehicles

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Amphenol Application Note

Amphe-SP3 on Electrical Vehicles


Most modern Electric Vehicles, or EVs, use a DC to DC converter. This is an electronic power supply that takes high voltage DC (direct current) power from the traction battery pack within the car. This will provide an isolated output of 12 volts to power standard accessories such as lights, horn, radio, and fan.

The DC/DC converter must have a reliable electrical interconnection to enable it to distribute the power correctly.


The correct connector needs to be compact to save space, waterproof, a suitable match, cost effective and must be capable of 120 amp maximum current.

SOLUTION by Amphenol

The Amphe-SP3 Series, manufactured by Amphenol, are single pole, plastic, power connectors, and have been designed as a solution to this kind of problem. The hazardous area connectors utilise a 5.7mm RADSOK® contact, which can carry a current as large as 120 amps with a lower insertion force and rise in temperature than other more traditional contacts.

With watertight cable glands and rubber seals, the connectors have an ingress protection rating IP67. The connector is designed with 90 to 120 keyway rotations to prevent mis-matching connections in different applications. Molded thermoplastic housing and insert make this series of Amphenol connectors both lightweight and cost effective.

The hazardous area connectors are designed to connect directly with cable glands with no additional adaptors needed, therefore they are shorter and fit easily in to smaller spaces.

Amphenol Amphe-SP3 Receptacle with Busbar Termination and Pin Contact

Amphenol Amphe-SP3 Receptacle with Busbar Termination and Pin Contact

Radsock Technology

RADSOK® technology is based upon a stamped and formed flat grid, uniquely twisted into a hyperbolic geometry to provide robust, high density contact to the mating pin contact. Most pin and socket technologies rely on spring (beam element) properties of the contact elements, which tend to weaken over time.

Unlike most other pin and socket solutions, the RADSOK® also utilises the tensile strength properties of the flat, high conductivity alloy grid. This provides the high normal forces required for conductivity while also providing a large conductive surface area. Correspondingly low voltage drop and low temperature rise are also achieved while maintaining low insertion forces.

  • High Reliability – Unique design and construction technology create an electrical contact interface that exceeds typical interconnect requirements.
  • Low Contact Engagement/Separation Forces – The hyperbolic lamella socket contact construction distributes normal forces over a high percentage of the mating pin surface. This creates a smooth, even engagement effort. This force distribution also contributes to excellent performance in vibration applications with resistance to typical fretting corrosion.
  • Low Contact Resistance – The large interface area between the socket lamella and pin surface result in very low contact resistance, enabling the RADSOK® contacts’ high current ratings compared to traditional power contact designs.

High Mating Cycle Durability – RADSOK® contacts with typical silver plating finishes have demonstrated survival of 20,000 mating cycles. Specialized plating and contact lubricants can extend cycle life to 200,000 matings or higher. Even with continuous exposure to harsh environmental abuse, RADSOK® contacts have been tested to maintain low contact resistance beyond 10,000 mating cycles.

Amphenol Amphe-SP3 Connectors

Amphenol Amphe-SP3 Connectors

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