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Published 18 Mar 2021

hazardous area paint storage

Industrial Paint Storage

This Case Application for The Bulldog electric heater, which is manufactured by EXHEAT and is stocked and distributed exclusively in the UK by Thorne & Derrick, focuses on an application whereby the client required a portable heating solution for a paint storage facility, to maintain the precise ambient temperature needed for a smooth paint application – while also adhering to safety regulations in the Hazardous Area.

The client are a global provider of aluminium effect pigments which are used in a range of applications, from automotive paints and printing inks to plastics and protective coatings. The complex hazardous processes taking place in paint storage and mixing rooms mark these areas as hazardous zone environments. Furthermore, equipment used in these hazardous area zones must comply with ATEX & IECEx approvals to ensure maximum safety.

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Electrical Heater Application & Benefits  | The portable electric fan heater with ATEX Certification was selected after careful competitor evaluation to provide a safe process heating solution to an industrial paint storage facility.

Paint Storage | Hazardous AreaS

For this application, a portable solution was required to safely maintain the required temperature in a paint storage facility, especially during the winter months, in order to ensure a smooth paint application at the time of use.

As well as specific temperature requirements needed for this application, a hazardous area approved solution was also essential to ensure the safety of workers and to protect the facility. Many industrial paints are solvent-based, which can release solvent vapours, gas and dust into the air – creating a potentially explosive atmosphere with a need for risk minimising equipment. The risk of ignition of the solvent gas poses an instant threat to life in the facility, thus a safe, hazardous area approved, heating solution was needed.

Thorne & Derrick have eliminated the risk of ignition and explosion by supplying a suitable portable and safe electric heater to deliver the required heating to the paint storage room.

The ‘Bulldog’ ATEX portable heater has not only delivered the required temperatures to enable the continuity of optimal processes, but has also greatly reduced the risk of catastrophic danger, by adhering to ATEX & IECEx safety regulations.


We provided the solution to the client of the EXHEAT MFH, 2.5-110 and 3-380 models, which are ATEX & IECEx certified, and offer Ingress protection of IP65. The MFH heater (“Bulldog”) is constructed with polyamide PA66 with glass and steel fibre reinforcement.

  • T Class Rating T4
  • Classified Hazardous Area Zone 1/2 (IIB+H2) or Zone 21/22 (IIIC)
  • Nominal Heat Output 2.5/3kW

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The MFH Portable Fan Heater | Features & Benefits


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The MFH Portable Fan Heater manufactured by EXHEAT and Distributed Exclusively in the UK by Thorne & Derrick is the world’s first truly portable fan assisted heater with dual hazardous area ATEX & IECEX Certification. The portable heater has been extensively adopted by the process and hazardous area industries to safely provide temporary and portable air warming to workplaces in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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EXHEAT LFH Portable Electric Heater for Hazardous Areas with ATEX Certification




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