Chromalox SRM/E Self-Regulating Trace Heating Cable (Medium Temperature – 302°F 150°C)

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Chromalox SRME Self-Regulating Trace Heating Cable

Trace Heating Cables & Systems – Design & Supply From Stock

Chromalox SRM/E Heat Trace Cables – Trace Heating

Trace Heating

Chromalox SRM/E self-regulating trace heating cables provide process temperature maintenance and frost protection to pipework, instrument lines, tanks and drums up to 150º Celsius – with ATEX, IECEx, CSA, FM, GOST and UL certification Chromalox SRM/E heat trace cables are suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas.

Chromalox SRm/e Self-Regulating Trace Heating Cable – Features

  • Energy efficient SRM/E self regulating cables requires less energy as less heat is required
  • Simple to install cable and can be cut to any length (see max circuit length)
  • SRM/E trace heating cables offer low installation costs and require less maintenance minimising downtime
  • Can be single overlapped without burnout, which simplifies heat tracing of in-line process equipment such as valves, elbows and pumps
  • Overtemperature is virtually impossible with self regulating trace heater cables
  • UL listed for use on fire protection system piping


Chromalox SRM/E heat trace cable wattages per metre at 10°C – 5, 8, 10, 15 and 20 watts.

  • Approximate Cable Size : 3/8″ W x 1/8″ H
  • Maximum Maintain Temperature : 150° Celsius
  • Maximum Continuous Exposure Temperature : Power Off 215° Celsius
  • Available Models (Voltages) : 120 and 208-277V
  • Minimum Cable Bend Radius : 1-1/8″
  • Trace Heating Cable Circuit Lengths : Up to 750 feet

Chromalox SRM/E self-regulating trace heating cables increase power output as temperatures falls to provide guaranteed frost protection and temperature maintenance of industrial process and water pipework.


Product Offering

Part Number Trace Heating Cable Description
385490Chromalox SRM/E-3-2C 240V 3W/FT
385561Chromalox SRM/E 3-1CT 3W/FT 120V
385570Chromalox SRM/E 3-2CT 3W/FT 240V
388025Chromalox SRM/E-3-1C 120V 3W/FT
388084Chromalox SRM/E-5-1C 120V 5W/FT
388092Chromalox SRM/E 5-1CT 5W/FT 120V
388113Chromalox SRM/E-5-2C 240V 5W/FT
388121Chromalox SRM/E 5-2CT 5W/FT 240V
388148Chromalox SRM/E-8-1C 120V 8W/FT
388156Chromalox SRM/E 8-1CT 8W/FT 120V
388172Chromalox SRM/E-8-2C 240V 8W/FT
388180Chromalox SRM/E 8-2CT 8W/FT 240V
388201Chromalox SRM/E-10-1C 120V 10W/FT
388210Chromalox SRM/E 10-1CT 10W/FT 120V
388236Chromalox SRM/E-10-2C 240V 10W/FT
388244Chromalox SRM/E 10-2CT 10W/FT 240V
388260Chromalox SRM/E-15-1C 120V 15W/FT
388279Chromalox SRM/E 15-1CT 15W/FT 120V
388308Chromalox SRM/E-15-2C 240V 15W/FT
388316Chromalox SRM/E 15-2CT 15W/FT 240V
388332Chromalox SRM/E 20-1C 20W/FT 120V
388340Chromalox SRM/E 20-1CT 20W/FT 120V
388367Chromalox SRM/E-20-2C 240V 20W/FT
388375Chromalox SRM/E 20-2CT 20W/FT 240V

Chromalox SRME Self-Regulating Trace Heating Cable Thermal Output Ratings on Insulated Metal Pipe

Chromalox SRM/E Output Wattage at Alternate Voltages (W/Ft.)

Chromalox Part Number208V% Change In Output220V% Change In Output277V% Change In Output
Chromalox SRM/E 53.85-234.25-156.45+23
Chromalox SRM/E 86.4-206.88-1410.24+22
Chromalox SRM/E 108.3-178.80-1212.50+20
Chromalox SRM/E 1512.75-1513.50-1018.45+19
Chromalox SRM/E 2017.6-1218.40-824.40+19


Cable Construction


Chromalox SRP Self-Regulating Trace Heating Cable - Construction

  • A Twin 16 AWG Copper Buss Wires are able to provide reliable electrical current capability.
  • B Semiconductive Polymer Core Matrix is the ‘self regulating component of the cable and it’s electrical resistance varies with temperature.
  • C Fluoropolymer Jacket is flame retardant and electrically insulates the matric and buss wires and provides corrosion resistance.
  • D Tinned Copper Braid that provides additional mechanical protection in any environment, and a positive ground path.
  • E High Temperature Fluoropolymer Overjacket (optional) is a corrosion resistant, flame retardant overjacket is highly effective in many environments.


ATEX and IECEX Exe IIGb, Factory Mutual (FM) Approved for ordinary areas. UL Listed, CSA Certified for ordinary areas. UL listed for freeze protection of fire protection system piping. FM Approved for hazardous (classified) areas when used with U Series, DL and EL accessories:

  • Class I, Div. 2, Groups B, C, D (gases, vapors)
  • Class II, Div. 2, Groups F, G (combustible dust)
  • Class III, Div. 2 (easily ignitable fibers and filings)
  •  5 and 8 Watt Rated T3 Temperature Class

10, 15 and 20 Watt Rated T2D Temperature Class CSA Certified for hazardous (classified) areas when used with DL and U Series accessories:

  • Class I, Div. 2, Groups A, B, C, D
  • Class II, Div. 2, Groups F, G
  • Rated T31 Temperature Class.
  • ATEX and IECEX Exe IIGb
  • EX IIG Exe II
Hazardous Area Heating Cables

Hazardous Area Heating Cables


Chromalox video with Chris Myers Product Manager at Chromalox explaining about their heat trace product offering including self regulating trace heating cable.

Trace Heating

Chromalox SRM/E trace heating cables provide temperature maintenance and frost protection to pipework and mechanical services in all industries – typical applications include heating process pipework, instrument lines and storage tanks to maintain viscosity or prevent frost damage.

Heat Tracing Using Trace Heating Cables

Trace Heating Cables – providing process heating to pipework, vessel and bulk storage drums.


Chromalox technical manual covering trace heating cable selection, design, heat loss calculation, heat transfer fundamentals and radiant infrared heating theory.


Hazardous Area Gas Detection Metering Lighting Flow Measurement

➡ Did you know? T&D distribute Electrical, Mechanical, Process & Instrumentation Equipment for provide flow metering, gas detection, metering, lighting and power to hazardous areas.