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250W to 3kW

The FAW range of hazardous area heaters manufactured by EXHEAT offers a versatile, lightweight air warming solution for small work and storage areas located in explosive atmospheres – the EXHEAT FAW range of electric heaters are ATEX Certified & Approved and suitable for use with 1 phase or 3 phase power supplies up to 660 volts. The EXHEAT FAW range of air warmers can also be configured for use with DC power supplies.

This range of electrical heating products are certified for use in hazardous areas where the potentially explosive atmosphere is classified as a Zone 1 or Zone 2 (IIA, IIB, IIC) gas group according to ATEX.

FAW heaters can be controlled using the EXHEAT range of remote mounted thermostats certified according to ATEX to provide safe and reliable heat in hazardous areas industries and applications including onshore and offshore, battery stores, paint/solvent workshops and spraybooths, enclosures and cabinets and frost protection.

➡ Extensive range of electrical heating solutions are available including Exd Flameproof type products.

Thorne & Derrick International, based in the UK, are Specialist Distributors of Explosion Proof & Protection Equipment to provide safe and reliable Power, Heat, Ventilation & Lighting to hazardous areas.

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Electrical Heating for Explosive Atmospheres


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