EXHEAT FAW Hazardous Area Air Warmers – ATEX Certified Zone 1 & Zone 2

EXHEAT Hazardous Area Heaters - EXHEAT FAW

EXHEAT Hazardous Area Air Warmers : ATEX & IECEx

ATEX Air Warmer

Zone 1 & Zone 2 (IIA, IIB, IIC) Hazardous Areas

EXHEAT FAW hazardous area air warmers provide intrinsically safe, hazardous area certified heating and air warming for Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22 hazardous areas.

The EXHEAT FAW range offers a versatile, lightweight air warming solution and can be provided with temperature ratings of T2, T3 and T4.

EXHEAT FAW hazardous area air warmers are certified to meet ATEX equipment directive and IECEx standards and are suitable for wall or floor mounting.


EXHEAT FAW Hazardous Area Air Warmers

ATEX Certification & Installation

Hazardous Area Air Warmers For Zone 1 Zone 2 Hazardous Areas

Hazardous Area Air Warmers For Zone 1 Zone 2 Hazardous Areas

Certification: ATEX / IECEx    II 2 G
Ex e IIC T2 to T4 Gb Zone 1 and 2 IP67
CU TR (formerly GOST)

Prior to installing the EXHEAT FAW hazardous area air warmers a visual inspection must be carried out and the heater must be checked to ensure the insulation resistance reading is above 2MΩ per element at 500 volts dc.

If the heater fails this test the power and control circuits must be isolated.

To install the heater carefully remove from the packaging and check for damage. The air warmer should be fixed into place using the pre-drilled holes and all terminal connections checked for tightness prior to energising.

The appliance must be securely fitted to a wall or floor using only the brackets provided and the orientation of the heaters must be strictly adhered to with the feet facing down at all times.

EXHEAT FAW Hazardous Area Air Warmers – Applications


EXHEAT Stockist – Worldwide Delivery, Competitive Quotations

  • Aircraft hangars
  • Fuel servicing areas
  • Chemical plants
  • Offshore installations
  • Battery stores
  • Gas installations
  • Paint/solvent stores
  • Safety showers
  • Frost protection
  • Electrical enclosures/cabinets

EXHEAT FAW Hazardous Area Air Warmers Product Range

Suitable for Zone 1 & Zone 2 (IIA, IIB, IIC) gas groups.

EXHEAT FAW Hazardous Area Air Warmers - Dimensions

EXHEAT FAW Hazardous Area Air Warmers – Dimensions

Compact Range

Air Warmer ModelT ClassHazardous Area Watts RatingVoltageSupportsDimensions (mm)Weight (Kg)
FAW-C-250T2/T3Zone 1 & Zone 2250240 or 11023501602825
FAW-C-500T2/T3Zone 1 & Zone 2500240 or 11023501602826
FAW-C-750T2/T3Zone 1 & Zone 2750240 or 11026151605456
FAW-C-1000T2/T3Zone 1 & Zone 21000240 or 11026151605459

Standard Range

Air Warmer Model  T Class Hazardous Area  Watts Rating Voltage Supports Dimensions (mm)Weight (kgs)
FAW250T2/T3Zone 1 & Zone 2250240/254 or 11029711608608
FAW500T2/T3Zone 1 & Zone 2500240/254 or 110297116086010
FAW750T2/T3Zone 1 & Zone 2750240/254/415/440 or 110297116086012
FAW1000T2/T3Zone 1 & Zone 21000240/254/415/440 or 11021221160114514
FAW1500T2/T3Zone 1 & Zone 21500240/254/415/440 or 11031741160164020
FAW2000T2/T3Zone 1 & Zone 22000240/254 or 11031741272114532
FAW2000-SBT2/T3Zone 1 & Zone 22000240/254/415/440 or 11031221272164034
FAW2500T2/T3Zone 1 & Zone 22500240/254 or 11031741272164038
FAW3000T2/T3Zone 1 & Zone 23000240/254/415/440 or 11031741272178442
FAW250T4Zone 1 & Zone 2250240/254 or 11031886160178413
FAW500T4Zone 1 & Zone 2500240/254 or 11031886160178417
FAW750T4Zone 1 & Zone 2750240/254/415/440 or 11031886160178421
FAW1000T4Zone 1 & Zone 21000240/254 or 11031886272178433
FAW1250T4Zone 1 & Zone 21250240/254 or 11031886272178438
FAW1500T4Zone 1 & Zone 21500240/254/415/440 or 11031886272178442

Hazardous Area Zone 1 Zone 2 Air Heaters For Gas Installations : EXHEAT FAW Air Heaters


Hazardous Area Zone 1 Zone 2 ATEX Certified - Brands

Thorne & Derrick International distribute Electrical, Mechanical, Process & Instrumentation Equipment to the global hazardous area industries and are approved vendors to most leading oil, gas and petrochemical companies and their EPC’s.

T&D supply ATEX & IECEx Certified equipment for the detection, metering, flow measurement and heat tracing of potentially explosive gases in hazardous areas Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Hazardous Area - Gas Detection, Metering, Lighting & Flow Measurement


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