Ex e Lighting – Increased Safety Hazardous Area Technor EVF-P Fluorescent Lighting

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Ex e Lighting - Increased Safety Hazardous Area Technor EVF-P Fluorescent Lighting

Ex e Lighting – Increased Safety Hazardous Area Technor EVF-P Fluorescent Lighting

Zone 1, Zone 21 Fluorescent Lighting

Explosion protection ex e

Fluorescent Lighting for Zone 1, Zone 21, Zone 2, Zone 22 Hazardous Area Lighting Applications

Thorne & Derrick, the Specialist Distributors of Hazardous Area Lighting can provide competitive prices and supply from stock the complete range of Technor products including electrical enclosures and junction boxes.

Technor’s EVF-P is a fluorescent lighting fixture suitable for hazardous area lighting and offers offers Ex-e IIC mode of protection and has a polycarbonate lamp housing which is three layers extrusion UV resistant.

Technor EVF-P Ex e lighting is classified to international hazardous area classifications with ATEX and TRCU certification, with ingress protection IP66 and an operational ambient temperature range of -20°C to +55°C.

Circular shape of the ex lighting grants the best possible “CX” factor, therefore it is less affected by wind dusts, no flat surfaces to avoid pollution and dirty bunching.

Technor EVF-P fluorescent lighting fixtures are manufactured with a high resistance cylindrical polycarbonate lamp housing with end cups made from corrosion resistant copper free aluminium. Optionally an off-shore painting cycle can be provided to allow for use within marine environments and all EVF-P fixtures are supplied ready for loop in-loop out facility with 4sqmm cable.

Technor EVF-P Fluorescent Lighting – Technical Features

MaterialEnd cups in aluminium with low content of copper / Light housing in polycarbonate
IP ratingIP66/IK10 according to EN 62262:2002
Ambient temperature range-20°C to +55°C
ApprovalsINERIS 02ATEX0039X (standard) / TR CU (marking upon request, ordering code to be required)
GasketsO-ring made of Nitrile Rubber (NBR)
Surface treatmentEnd cups painted by green colour polyurethane painting cycle RAL6003 (other colour available upon request)
EntriesN° 2 entries M20x1.5. One plugged-off by Ex d brass nickel chrome plated plug and relevant gasket.
Hardware and screwsAISI304 Stainless steel external hardware and screws
LampsEVF-P series lighting fixtures are suitable for two pins fluorescent lamps G13 socket Philips TL-D or equivalent (lamps excluded)
BallastHigh frequency electronic ballast conforming with EN 60079 – 18 and IEC 60079 – 18
Rated Operation Voltage (UE)110–240 (normal service) – 230-240 (Emergency service)
Frequency0/50 – 60 Hz
Power Factor>0.95
Accessories available upon requestAISI304 Pole mounting kit / AISI304 Ceiling / Wall mounting kit / AISI304 Suspension mounting kit / 3° bottom entry M20x1,5 / AISI304 protection guard / Mounting kit in stainless steel AISI316
Operating Principles
Available EVF-P lighting fixtures for emergency service of one tube:
– 90 minutes; guarantees 60’ duration with constant flux (emergency lumen factor 17%) and 30’ with decreasing flux
– 120 minutes (emergency lumen factor 10%)
– 180 minutes; constant flux (emergency lumen factor 9%)

Technor EVF-p Lighting – Normal Service

Technor Part NumberEx e Lighting CodePower (W)Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)
EVF-P 118-Ex embA0301111800111X187641761946.50
EVF-P 218-Ex embA0301121800112X187641761946.50
EVF-P 136-Ex embA0301113600111X3613741761948.50
EVF-P 236-Ex embA0301123600112X3613741761948.50
EVF-P 158-Ex embA0301115800111X5816801761949.50
EVF-P 258-Ex embA0301125800112X58168017619410.50


Technor EVF-p Lighting – Emergency Service

Technor Part NumberEx e Lighting CodePower (W)Emergency DurationDimensions (mm)Weight (kg)
EVF-P 118 LE-P-90 Ex dembA030211180111Single 18 Watt Fluorescent Light Fittings90′7641761949.00
EVF-P 118 LE-P-120 Ex dembA0302111802111X18120′76417619410.00
EVF-P 218 LE-P-90 Ex dembA0302121801112X1890′7641761949.00
EVF-P 218 LE-P-120 Ex dembA0302121802112X18120′76417619410.00
EVF-P 136 LE-P-90 Ex dembA0302113601111X3690′137417619411.00
EVF-P 136 LE-P-120 Ex dembA0302113602111X36120′137417619412.00
EVF-P 136 LE-P-180 Ex dembA0302113603111X36180′137417619412.50
EVF-P 236 LE-P-90 Ex dembA0302123601112X3690′137417619411.00
EVF-P 236 LE-P-120 Ex dembA0302123602112X36120′137417619412.00
EVF-P 236 LE-P-180 Ex dembA0302123603112X36180′137417619412.50
EVF-P 158 LE-P-90 Ex dembA0302115801111X5890′168017619412.00
EVF-P 158 LE-P-120 Ex dembA0302115802111X58120′168017619413.00
EVF-P 158 LE-P-180 Ex dembA0302115803111X58180′168017619413.50
EVF-P 258 LE-P-90 Ex dembA0302125801112X5890′168017619412.00
EVF-P 258 LE-P-120 Ex dembA0302125802112X58120′168017619413.00
EVF-P 258 LE-P-180 Ex dembA0302125803112X58180′168017619413.50


Increased Safety Hazardous Area Technor EVF-P Fluorescent Lighting - Dimensions

Increased Safety Hazardous Area Technor EVF-P Fluorescent Lighting – Dimensions



  • Ex e mb IIC T4 Gb (Normal service) / Ex d e mb IIC T4 Gb (Emergency service)
  • EX de IIC T4 Gb (available upon request)
  • Ex tb IIIC T85°C Db IP66

under IEC Ex directive, junction boxes and enclosures are suitable for IIC group of gases/dusts only 


Certified 02ATEX0039X (standard) / TR CU (marking upon request, ordering code to be required)