Portable & Temporary Lighting for Hazardous Area & Explosive Atmospheres

Published 02 Jan 2020

Lighting for Hazardous Areas

Lighting for Hazardous Areas | Update

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Welcome to the latest issue of Wolf Safety’s Distributor update from Thorne & Derrick  – as Main UK Distributor for Wolf Safety Lamp together we share information on new lighting product developments and existing product updates for the hazardous area industries and those requiring  portable or temporary lighting in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Available Now

Wolf LINKEX WF-250XL LED Floodlite

Dazzled by floodlight glare in a pitch-black tank?

Wolf have developed the ideal solution – the new Wolf WF-250XL LED Floodlite is an easily portable LED task floodlight, designed to deliver just the right amount of illumination to provide confined space lighting in hazardous area locations.

Wolf Floodlite

The LINKEx™ WF-250XL LED Floodlite is designed to provide the optimum level of light for working in restricted and confined spaces located in hazardous areas. Ideal for 24 Volt applications with a limited power supply, up to 8 ATEX floodlights can be used in different strings from a single Wolf manufactured ATEX transformer.


ATEX Torch

ATEX Torch

Features & Benefits

  • Light output – HV 4,334 lumens (at source), 3,189 lumens (emitted)
  • Light output – LV 4,224 lumens (at source), 3,065 lumens (emitted)
  • LinkEx™ capable – both LV and HV lighting units can be fitted with linkable sockets
  • Complementary product to existing range of LinkEx™ LED Temporary area lighting system
  • SOVI™ – Wolf’s unique Safe Optimal Voltage Indicator system
  • Safe to 0 volts – both LV and HV units are certified safe down to 0 volts
  • Small, lightweight (5.4kg excluding cable) + compact – easy to carry and direct the light
  • Marine grade aluminium enclosure
  • Toughened, scratch, impact and chemical resistant glass lens
  • 316 stainless steel frame
  • Easy to clean and doesn’t harbour dirt
  • IP66/67 dust and watertight

Coming Soon

Wolf TR-65 Zone 0 Compact LED Torch

See the power!

In January, Wolf Safety Lamp will be launching their new high performance, right angle multi-functional TR-65 ATEX torch. With a market leading peak tested light output of 300 lumens, no safety torch shines more brightly!

Hazardous Area Zone 0/21 & IP67

3 Power Modes

  • Maximum – 300 lumens/6 hours duration
  • Medium – 150 lumens/14 hours duration
  • Low – 30 lumens/159 hours duration

Battery Level Indicator & Beam Dip

Low Battery Cut-off Feature

Wolf TR-60 Single Power Mode – 260 lumens

Hazardous Area Zone 1/21 Available

Coming Soon

Wolf WL-50 ATEX & IECEx LED Mini Worklite

In March, Wolf Safety Lamp will launch their new mini, battery powered Worklite, the WL-50

Smaller and lighter weight than the existing hazardous area torches including Wolf WL-80 and WL-85.

The Wolf WL-50 has been very enthusiastically received at recent exhibitions and shows.

  • 3,100 lumens output (emitted)
  • Zone 1/21 hazardous areas
  • Up to 10 hours duration
  • Light weight – approximately 9kgs
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Multiple mounting accessories
Hazardous Area Floodlights

Wolf WL-85 & Wolf WL-80 | Portable & Temporary Lighting Solutions for Hazardous Areas & Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

Obsolete Wolf Safety Lamp Lighting Products

Hazardous Area Lights

Airturbo Lamps – when the limited stocks of Airturbo Airlamps are sold they will be discontinued. The remaining stock available will be supplied on a first come first served basis from Thorne & Derrick.

Wolf Toplites – similarly, when the current supply of Wolf Toplites is sold, they too will be discontinued. Again, stock will be supplied on a first come first served basis from us.

Flameproof Leadlampsflameproof type leadlamps are now discontinued, with no stock available.

For new replacement products please contact our Sales Team.

Portable Lighting for hazardous areas

Wolf Safety Lamp lighting ranges include an extensive range of ATEX and IECEx certified portable lighting for safe use in potentially explosive atmospheres, including hazardous area Zone 1 & Zone 2: explosion proof Wolf handheld torches, headtorches, handlamps with bulb or LED versions.

Wolf - Hazardous Area Zone 1 & Zone 2 Handlamps, Headlamps, Torches & Floodlights (ATEX Certified)

Wolf | Handlamps | Torches | Headtorches | Tank Lights | ATEX Hazardous Areas

Thorne & Derrick are hazardous area lighting specialists stocking a complete range of portable and permanent fixed lighting including both fluorescent and LED technology in standard linear light fittings, wellglass, high bay and floodlight design certified by ATEX for both Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas.

➡ Technical Resources | Hazardous Area Zones | T Class Temperature Ratings | Explosive Atmospheres (Definitions)



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