11kV Enclosure – Offshore Umbilical Cables Termination Box

11kV Enclosure - Offshore Umbilical Cables Termination Box

HV Enclosures & Junction Boxes Up to 11kV

Abtech SX125 high voltage hazardous area electrical enclosures and junction boxes provide safe power distribution to connect up to 24 power conductors for 11kV systems – ATEX certified for Zone 1 and Zone 2 connection of HV cables in hazardous area locations and are based on the Abtech DPJB.

The 11kV enclosure is made from a marine grade stainless steel construction with an impact resistance of >10Nm.

Abtech SX125 high voltage (HV) cable junction boxes are manufactured from 316L stainless steel and provides a unique solution for the termination of offshore umbilical cables or onshore distribution systems.

A separate control compartment is used for terminating fibre optic or control cables. This allows the installer to work on optical fibres or control conductors without isolating HV supply

High Voltage HV Junction Box

Zone 1 & Zone 2 Hazardous Area

ATEX Certified

Abtech SX125

Abtech SX125 High Voltage Hazardous Area Electrical Enclosures

HV Junction Boxes Manufactured From 316 Stainless Steel For Offshore Umbilical Cables or Onshore Distribution Systems – 11kV High Voltage Cable Connections & Terminations

Abtech SX125 High Voltage Hazardous Area Electrical Enclosures

Abtech SX125 – Work On Optical Fibres Or Control Conductors Without Isolating HV Supply

11kV Enclosure - Offshore Umbilical Cables Termination Box

Abtech SX125 General Arrangement HV Enclosure Drawing – cable termination, enclosure and junction box suitable for jointing, connecting and terminating HV cables 11kV.

Abtech Part Ref Control Compartment Orientation Maximum Voltage (kV) Power Rating (W) Maximum Current (A) Maximum Fault Rating (kA) Phase Weight (kg)
SX125LH(x-x) Left hand 11 50 312 50 3 or 3 + N 132
SX125RH(x-x) Right hand 11 50 312 50 3 or 3 + N 132

Hazardous Area Certification

High Voltage Enclosures & Junction Boxes (HV) - Hazardous Area

High Voltage Enclosures & Junction Boxes (HV) – Hazardous Area

  • ATEX EEx e (Zone 1 & Zone 2) to BS EN 60079-7
  • NEMA 4X (CSA, UL & FM) Class 1 Division 2

Zone 1 & 21, Gas and Dust / Class 1 Division 2

Type Of Explosion Protection – Ex e

Apparatus Hazardous Area Coding – ATEX II 2 GBm Ex e II T6

Temperature Rating

  • Standard: -20° to +40°C (-4° to 104°F)
  • Option: -50° to +65°C (-58° to 149°F)

High Voltage HV ENCLOSURE Specification

  • Electrical Enclosure Type – High Voltage (HV)
  • Ingress Protection – IP66 to EN60529, Type 4X
  • Material – 316L Stainless Steel (EN 1.4404) enclosure, silicone gasket and 316 stainless steel fasteners
  • Ambient Temperature Rating –20ºC to +55ºC
  • Maximum Number Of HV Cable Terminations – Refer to electrical enclosure rating table above
  • Dimensions – 1200mm (W) x 1250mm (H) x 300mm (D)
  • Max Terminations – 3 conductors per phase in & 3 conductors per phase out
  • Crimp Lugs – 16sqmm to 630sqmm
  • Earthing – Via Studs On Electrical Enclosure, Door & Cable Gland Plates
  • Mounting – Via external mounting feet


  • Abtech ACH – Anti-condensation heater
  • Abtech EP – Electro-polished
  • Abtech PS – Epoxy powder coated, smooth finish (RAL colour may be specified)
  • Abtech PT – Epoxy powder coated, Hammer Grey
  • Abtech 67 – IP67 ingress protected

Add the required suffix to the product reference. Example: SX125LR(1-3)ACH = SX125 right hand with 1 x conductor top, 3 x conductors bottom and anti-condensation heater

MV HV electrical Enclosures & Junction Boxes
3.3kV 6.6kV 11kV 33kV HIGH VOLTAGES

T&D produce customised HV Junction Boxes & Electrical Enclosures suitable for safe installation and distribution of MV-HV electrical power in hazardous area locations – enclosures and junction boxes can be specified and supplied for 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kV and 33kV high voltage power networks where Ex-certified HV electrical equipment is required in accordance with ATEX and IECEx hazardous area certification.

HV High Voltage Electrical Enclosures Junction Boxes

HV High Voltage Specialists – Zone 1 & Zone 2 Hazardous Area Certified By ATEX

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HV Enclosures Junction Boxes

MV-HV Junction Boxes & Electrical Enclosures For 3.3kV, 11kV and 33kV Medium-High Voltage Networks – Industrial & Hazardous Area

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