ATEX Sounders Zone 1 & Zone 2 Signalling Bell Ex de – Eaton MEDC dGW 21 Hazardous Area Sounder

ATEX Sounders Zone 1 & Zone 2 Signalling Bell Ex de – Eaton MEDC dGW 21 Hazardous Area Sounder

ATEX Sounders Zone 1 & Zone 2 Signalling Bell Ex de – Eaton MEDC dGW 21 Hazardous Area Sounder

Eaton MEDC dGW 21 are ATEX sounders (signalling bell) that were designed to warn, call and signal in group II explosive atmospheres and rough environmental conditions in hazardous areas. The signalling bell produces a sound volume of approx. 105dB(A) at 1 meter distance.

The frequency of the sound of the bell is approx 1kHz, meaning the signal can be clearly heard against lower frequency background noise. The bell of the hazardous area sounder can also be activated with the presence of a telephone ringing signal in the dRGW 21 version.

The protection of this product is a mixture of Exd “flameproof” for the driver system and Exe “increased safety” for the termination chamber. The MEDC dRGW 21 offers initiation by a relay from a telephone ringing voltage.

The flameproof chamber contains the electromagnetic driver system and the enclosure is made from GRP (glass-fibre reinforced polyester), guaranteeing protection against corrosion. As the dGW 21 is safety class II, so there is no equipotential bonding necessary.

All D.C. versions are also equipped with an electronic contact breaker, increasing product service life.

Eaton MEDC dGW 21

Eaton MEDC dGW 21

ATEX Sounders Zone 1 & Zone 2

ATEX Sounders



  • ATEX II 2 G Ex de IIC T6
  • Housing made of glass-fibre reinforced polyester (GRP)
  • Volume: approx: 105 dB(A)
  • Protection: IP 66
  • Safety class II
    (no equipotential bonding necessary)
  • Version dRGW 21 with integrated telephone call relay
  • Integrated terminal box realized in Ex protection mode increased safety
Eaton MEDC dGW 20 - Dimensions

Eaton MEDC dGW 20 – Dimensions

MEDC Dgw 20 Hazardous Area sounders

Technical Specification

Explosion ProtectionII 2 G Ex de IIC T6
ProtectionIP 66
Safety classII (no equipotential bonding necessary)
HousingGRP glass-fibre reinforced polyester
ColourBlack or red
Cable gland1x M20 x 1.5 cable gland and 1 blind plug M20 x 1.5
Connection terminals1.5sqmm fine wire.
2.5sqmm single wire
Operating conditionsIndoors and outdoors
Operating positionBell dome to the front (tappet downwards)
VolumeApprox. 105 dB(A) at 1m distance
Operating modeContinuous.
Temperature rangeOperation: -20ºC to +40ºC
Storage:  -30ºC to +80ºC
WeightApprox. 5.5 kg


Product TypeProduct DescriptionVoltage UeOperating Voltage Range UeCurrent ConsumptionEaton MEDC Part Number
Housing Black
dGW 21 Ex-Signalling Bell12 VDC+10/-15%0.60 AMEDC F910 122 10*
dGW 21 Ex-Signalling Bell24 VDC+10/-15%0.35 AMEDC F910 242 10*
dGW 21 Ex-Signalling Bell110 VAC+10/-15%0.14 AMEDC F911 101 10*
dGW 21 Ex-Signalling Bell110 VDC+10/-15%0.13 AMEDC F911 102 10*
dGW 21 Ex-Signalling Bell230 VAC+10/-15%0.06 AMEDC F912 301 10*
dGW 21 Ex-Signalling Bell240 VAC 60 Hz+10/-15%0.07 AMEDC F912 401 1060*
dGW 21 Ex-Signalling Bell with telephone relay230 VAC+10/-15%0.06 AMEDC F912 301 1000*
Housing Red
dGW 21Ex-Signalling Bell12 VDC+10/-15%0.60 AMEDC F910 122 1013*
dGW 21Ex-Signalling Bell24 VDC+10/-15%0.35 AMEDC F910 242 1013*
dGW 21Ex-Signalling Bell110 VAC+10/-15%0.14 AMEDC F911 101 1013*
dGW 21Ex-Signalling Bell110 VDC+10/-15%0.13 AMEDC F911 102 1013*
dGW 21Ex-Signalling Bell230 VAC+10/-15%0.06 AMEDC  F912 301 1013*

*All part numbers are ATEX variants

ATEX Sounders

ATEX Sounders

Eaton MEDC

Eaton MEDC have developed ATEX products designed for harsh and hazardous area conditions and where there is a risk of explosion due to the presence of flammable atmospheres both onshore and offshore – since 1975 MEDC have been designers and manufacturers of alarm, signal, control and communications equipment. T&D distribute the extensive range of Eaton MEDC ATEX Certified manual call points, visual, audible alarms, loudspeakers and telephones for hazardous area workplaces, including Zone 1 & Zone 2 explosive atmospheres.

Thorne & Derrick, are the Explosive Atmosphere Experts, distributing an extensive range of ATEX Certified Equipment including heat tracing cables and systems, electrical heating products, electrical enclosures and plug/sockets outlets.

Complete range of LV-HV Cable Joints, Terminations, Cleats & Glands are available to support installation of power, control and instrumentation cables up to 33kV – includes Cold Shrink for use in hazardous areas to provide electrical insulation and cable protection.

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