MEDC DB7 | Hazardous Area Sounder | ATEX Sounders Zone 1 & Zone 2 Weatherproof Ex ia

MEDC DB7 Hazardous Area Sounders

MEDC DB7 Hazardous Area Sounders

MEDC DB7 are part of the range of ruggedised, intrinsically safe and weatherproof ATEX sounders intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The hazardous area sounders have been designed with high ingress protection to cope with the harsh environmental conditions found offshore and onshore in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries in ATEX & IECEx Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas. A wide range of hazardous area sounders are available to order from Thorne & Derrick, to suit individual requirements and applications.

The ATEX sounder is available in 12V and 24V versions and for gas groups IIB or IIC. The DB7 Sounder features 27 user selectable tones and are constructed from corrosion resistant GRP.

Contact Thorne & Derrick for great customer service, competitive quotations and availability from stock for the MEDC range of sounders, including MEDC DB7, for safe use in hazardous areas with Explosive Atmospheres.



The MEDC DB7 hazardous area sounder is available in a choice of variants with Ex ia and weatherproof approvals.

  • DP7P 12V IIB (Ex ia)
  • DP7P 12V IIC (Ex ia)
  • DP7P 24V IIB (Ex ia)
  • DP7P 24V IIC (Ex ia)
  • DP7PW (weatherproof)


The MEDC range of sounders and beacons from the Crouse Hinds series of Signalling & Alarms – a comprehensive range of Explosion Proof call points are also available with ATEX & IECEx certification and explosion protection to both Ex d (flameproof) and Ex ia (Intrinsically Safe) applications.

Eaton MEDC DB7

Eaton MEDC DB7

ATEX Sounders Zone 1 & Zone 2


ATEX Certified & Approved


  • Zones 0, 1, 2 and safe area use.
  • Exia IIB/IIC T4.
  • ATEX approved Ex II 1G.
  • Weatherproof uncertified version.
  • BASEEFA certified.
  • TR CU certified.
  • IP66 & IP67.
  • Certified temperature: –55°C to +70°C.
  • Corrosion resistant red painted GRP.
  • Up to 110 dB(A) output.
  • 27 tones, user selectable.
  • Tones comply with UKOOA/PFEER guidelines.
  • Any two tones may be switched by the external voltage supply.
  • Retained stainless steel cover screws
Eaton MEDC DB7 - Dimensions

Eaton MEDC DB7 – Dimensions

Eaton MEDC DB7 - Installation Drawing

Eaton MEDC DB7 – Installation Drawing

MEDC DB7 Hazardous Area sounders

Technical Specification

Should you require any further information to enable the selection or specification of explosion proof status lights, for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, please contact us.

Hazardous Area Certification
ATEX EEx ia Cert. no. BAS00ATEX1260X. (Apparatus)
Cert. no. 96D2362. (System)
Certified to: EN50014, EN50020, EN50039.
Ex II 1G, EEx ia IIC T4.
Ex II 1G, EEx ia IIB T4
CUTR EEx ia 0Ex ia IIC T4.
0Ex ia IIB T4.
Russian Fire Approved
Material UV stable glass reinforced polyester. Retained stainless steel cover
Finish Painted red as standard or to customer specification
Voltage 12V or 24V via suitable barrier
Current Consumption 24V models 34mA – 68mA.
12V models 25mA – 55mA
Sound Output 107± 3dB(A) at 1 metre for 12V and 24V IIB versions.
103± 3dB(A) at 1 metre for 12V and 24V IIC versions.
Typical value only – variable with tone
Tone Selection Switchable between any two of the 27 tones by reversing the
polarity of the supply
Certified Temp –55ºC to +70ºC
Weight 1.0 kg
Ingress Protection IP66 & IP67
Entries Up to 3 x M20 via knockouts
Terminals 8 x 2.5sqmm
Labels Duty and tag labels available


The following code is designed to help in selection of the correct Eaton hazardous area sounders with ATEX approval and certification. Build up the part number by inserting the code for each component into the appropriate box.

Eaton MEDC DB7 - Ordering Requirements

Eaton MEDC DB7 – Ordering Requirements


ATEX Sounders

ATEX Sounders

Eaton MEDC

Eaton MEDC have developed ATEX products designed for harsh and hazardous area conditions and where there is a risk of explosion due to the presence of flammable atmospheres both onshore and offshore – since 1975 MEDC have been designers and manufacturers of alarm, signal, control and communications equipment. T&D distribute the extensive range of Eaton MEDC ATEX Certified manual call points, visual, audible alarms, loudspeakers and telephones for hazardous area workplaces, including Zone 1 & Zone 2 explosive atmospheres.

Thorne & Derrick, are the Explosive Atmosphere Experts, distributing an extensive range of ATEX Certified Equipment including heat tracing cables and systems, electrical heating products, electrical enclosures and plug/sockets outlets.

Complete range of LV-HV Cable Joints, Terminations, Cleats & Glands are available to support installation of power, control and instrumentation cables up to 33kV – includes Cold Shrink for use in hazardous areas to provide electrical insulation and cable protection.

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