Increased Safety Control Stations | Hazardous Area Zones 1 2 21 22 | Appleton ATX U21W4E3

Increased Safety Control Stations | Appleton ATX

Increased Safety Control Stations | Appleton ATX

increased safety control stations

Key Push Button

Zone 1 & Zone 2 (Gas) | Zone 21 & Zone 22 (Dust) Hazardous Areas

Appleton ATX U21W4E3

The Unicode 2 Series of polyester Increased Safety control stations and switches, manufactured by Appleton ATXare ideal for use in hazardous areas and washdown areas. The ATEX certified, Increased Safety control stations provide safe circuit selection and control in potentially explosive atmospheres.

A wide range of push buttons, selector switches, illuminated push buttons, control and load break switches and LED pilot lights are available for use with contactors or magnetic starters for the remote control of motors.

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  • Product: Increased Safety Control StationsIncreased Safety Control Stations | Appleton ATX
  • Manufacturer: Appleton ATX
  • Range: Unicode 2 – Polyester
  • Increased Safety Control Station Type: Size 1 Key Push Button
  • Description: With key removable in both positions 1NO + 1NC maintained contact
  • Cable Entries: 2 x M25
  • Cable Entry Location: Bottom
  • Standard Materials:  Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester
  • Increased Safety Control Station Weight: 1.0 kg | 2.20 lbs
  • Increased Safety Control Station Volume: 4.0 dm³ | 244.10 in³
  • Ambient Temperature: -55 °C to +60 °C (-67°F to +140°F)
  • Surface Temperature: T75 °C (T167 °F)
  • Accessories Included: 1 white self-adhesive laminated plastic nameplate, 1 brass earth continuity plate, 1 blanking plug and 1 cable gland
  • Hazardous Area Certified: ATEX & IECEx
  • ATX U21W4E3 is ideal for use in Zone 1 and Zone 21 as well as Zone 2 and Zone 22 hazardous area locations

increased safety control stations


Appleton ATX Increased Safety Control Stations Size 1 Box | Dimensions in mm (inches)

ATEX/IECEx Certification and Compliances


• Certification Type CSPe
— Gas: Zone 1 and Zone 2
– Conforming to ATEX 94/9/CE: Ex II 2 G
– Type of Explosion Protection: Ex de IIC/Ex demb IIC
– Temperature Class: T6
— Dust: Zone 21 and Zone 22
– Conforming to ATEX 94/9/CE: Ex II2 D
– Type of Explosion Protection: Ex tD A21
— Surface Temperature: T75 °C (T167 °F)
— Ambient Temperature: -55 °C to +60 °C (-67°F to +140°F)
— CE Declaration of Conformity: 52084
— ATEX Certificate: LCIE 00 ATEX 3032X
ATEX— IECEx Certificate: IECEx LCI 09.0016X

EURASEC Certification

• Certification Type CSPe
— EURASEC RU C-FR ГБ05.B.00911
Other Certifications

• Certification Type CSPe
— INMETRO Certificate: BVC 11.0637-X

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