Fire Rated & Resistant Electrical Enclosures & Junction Boxes

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Fire Resistant Enclosures Junction Boxes

Fire Resistant Enclosures Junction Boxes

Fire resistant enclosures and junction boxes are used to maintain electrical and electronic circuit integrity to emergency lighting, power and control cables in both “safe” non-hazardous and also hazardous area locations.

T&D can provide pre-assembled (Abtech BPGF) or customised (BPG) enclosures conformant with BS standards for connecting and terminating fire performance cables typically supplying fire detection, fire communication, fire fighting and life safety circuits.

Abtech BPGF fire resistant enclosures provide fire survival duration according to PH120 (BS EN 50200 & BS8434-2) and are supplied pre-assembled with either 8 or 12 way terminal blocks.

T&D supply customised fire proof junction boxes using the Abtech BPG range of enclosures fitted with ceramic terminals blocks to withstand extreme heat and fire with versatile cable termination options – enclosures can be machined, drilled or tapped with threaded entries to accept cable glands.

The Abtech range of fire rated electrical junction boxes are specified for use in building services and hazardous areas, where ATEX certified enclosures are required for potentially explosive atmospheres – see Zone 1 & Zone 2 Hazardous Area Enclosures.

GRP and stainless steel enclosures have been independently tested in accordance with BS EN 50200, BS 8434-2 (up to 950 degrees C) and IEC311 (up to 750 degrees C).

Fire Rated Electrical Enclosures Test Results
Enclosure Type IEC 331
750°C (1382°F)
for 3 hours
(Flame Only) 
BS6387 ‘C’
for 3 hours
(Flame Only) 
BS6387 ‘Z’
950°C (1742°F)
for 3 hours
(External Impact) 
BS6387 ‘W’
950°C (1742°F)
for 3 hours
(Water Spray) 
Abtech SX RangePassPassPassPass
Abtech BPG RangePassPassNot TestedNot Tested


💡 If you have any specification concerns selecting fire resistant enclosures for life safety and fire-fighting applications, contact T&D.

Fire Proof Junction Boxes

Fire poses the greatest combined frequency and severity threat to business, according to analysis of claims data by FM Global.

Fire resistant enclosures & junction boxes

BS6387 Fire Test

BS6387 fire test standard determines the performance of a section of cable under specified conditions to ensure the cable maintains its integrity under fire conditions – the 3 variations of the BS6387 test are ‘C’, ‘W’ and ‘Z’. Each category within the test highlights the specific capabilities of the cable under set conditions below.

Abtech BPG fire resistant junction boxes consist of 16 sizes of enclosures manufactured in glass reinforced polyester GRP) or a carbon loaded anti-static GRP (BPGC) – under fire test conditions the enclosure structure retains stability even if the resin is depleted.

BPG enclosures fitted with ceramic terminals meet the requirements of IEC 331 (750°C for 3 hours) and also BS6387/1983 (950°C for 3 hours – flame only).

Enclosures are certified and approved for use in hazardous areas according to ATEX and IECEx Ex ‘e’ (Zone 1 & 2), EEx ‘nA’ (Zone 2) and CSA, UL & FM (Class 1, Div 2).

1. Fire alone: Category C  – flame at 950°C for 3 hours, cables energised

2. Fire with Water: Category W – flame at 650°C for 15 minutes then flame and water spray for 15 minutes

3. Fire with Mechanical shock: Category Z – flame at 950°C with mechanical shock applied at 15 second intervals for 15 minutes

Note: All fire rated enclosures must be fitted  with ceramic terminals.

Each video below give a short demonstration of each test and are extracted from BS 6387 test videos via Cavicel S.p.A

BS6387 ‘C’ – Fire AloneBS6387 C - Resistance To Fire Alone
BS6387 ‘W’ – Fire And WaterBS6387 W - Fire And Water Resistance
BS6387 ‘Z’ – Fire + Mechanical ShockBS6387 Z - Fire With Mechanical Shock


Abtech BPG Fire Rated Enclosures Size Guide

Abtech Part Number Width (mm)Length (mm) Depth (mm) Hazardous Area Ex Certified Hazardous Area ATEX


BS8434-2:2003+A2:2009Fire Resistant Enclosures BS 8434-2 2003+A2 2009

Abtech BPGF are fire resistant tested to PH120 (120 minute exposure) insulation integrity in accordance with BS EN 50200 and BS 8434-2 (>930°C) with exposure to fire with water spray and mechanical shock.

Additionally, the enclosures are fire resistant according to insulation integrity (180 minute exposure) in accordance with IEC (>750°C) with exposure to fire with water spray and mechanical shock. The enclosures demonstrated full functionality and performance before, during and after the fire test.

For further information and copy Fire Test Reports contact T&D.


Fire Rated Enclosures Junction Boxes

Fire Protection Junction Boxes for Low, Medium & High Voltage Power (LV MV HV)

Extreme Fire Resistance Testing for high voltage enclosuresFire Resistant High Voltage Enclosures

Abtech are market-leader manufacturers of high voltage enclosures for power distribution at 3.3kV, 11kV and 33kV.

Abtech high voltage enclosures (HVJB) coated with K‐Mass™ fireproofing and rated up to 19kV are fire tested to 1100°C for 1 hour in accordance with HC fire curve NEK 606. Under conditions as specified in ASTM E1725 (Section 4) & ASTM E1529 (Section 5).

Fire Testing

Pictured – the electrical enclosures are shown fitted with ceramic pillars, side plates  and phase separators.

Clad with K‐ Mass™ 19kV DC is then applied for 1 minute without  breakdown prior to testing – certified high voltage, hazardous area and fire resistant enclosures.

Contact T&D for price, delivery and specification advice.

Junction Box Enclosures

Fire Resistant Enclosure Junction Box

1100°C for 1 hour

The required furnace temperature reached after 7 minutes and 44 seconds prior to the fire test commencing – a constant 4kVDC voltage was maintained for the duration of the test and leakage was closely monitored throughout the test.

Maximum recorded  temperature within the enclosure was 349°C – after after a cool down period a 19kV DC was re‐applied and the enclosure passed.

Conclusions confirmed there was no breakdown.

Junction Box - Fire Rated

Enclosure pictured after the fire test

Junction Box

Marechal Plugs - Road Rail Tunnels

➡ For complete specifications on the full range of Fire Resistant Enclosures please see the below product section.