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Ramp Heating - Snow & Ice Melting - Thermon KSR Heating Cables

Thermon KSR Heat Trace Cables – Trace Heating

Thermon KSR self-regulating heat tracing cables provide snow/ice melting and are designed for direct burial within concrete ramps – we can provide trace heating system designs for ramp heating applications, including car parks.

Thermon KSR Heat Tracing Cables


Ramp Heating

Snow & Ice Melting – access and ramp heating systems maintain pedestrian and vehicle traffic by delivering heat to the ramp during periods of freezing temperatures.

Ramp heating provides unimpeded and safe public access to buildings affected by snow and ice conditions during Winter.

Using Thermon ramp heating cables to ensure continued access to both underground, basement and multi-storey car parks for residents and visitors during Winter months – the energy efficient ramp heating system uses self-regulating cables energising when the ambient temperature drops below 3°C or to a pre-set temperature programmed into the thermostat.

Dangerous and disruptive levels of frozen ice and snowfall cannot build-up on the car park ramp, reducing accidents and eradicating the need for Winter maintenance by manual snow clearing, such as “gritting”.

Disabled access ramps can be cleared of snow and ice formation ensuring safe pedestrian or wheelchair entry/exit to public and private buildings.

Forklift ramps and sloped loading bays to commercial and business premises continue to despatch and receive goods deliveries without disruption – keeping the ramps clear and shop shelves stacked during festive and Christmas holidays.

Targetted Ramp Heating for Car Parks Using Heat Trace Cables & Trace Heating Systems

Usually ramps, pedestrian walkways or driveways are heated entirely to provide complete uniform electric surface heating and snow/ice clearance – where power supply or CapEx funds are limited a partial ramp heating system can be installed to effectively melt snow and ice. Commonly, this involves heating tyre trackways to provide precision delivered electric heat to heavy traffic areas of the ramp.

Trace heating cables and systems can be installed to alleviate settlement of snow and the formation of frozen ice on roads, ramps, stairs, footpaths and emergency exit areas.

T&D can provide expert technical advice and ramp heating system designs.

Ramp Heating Using Thermon KSR-2 Cable. Snow & Ice Prevention On Supermarket Car Park Ramp

Ramp Heating Using Thermon KSR-2 Cable. Snow & Ice Prevention On Supermarket Car Park Ramp

RAMP HEATING cable Specification

  • Nominal Supply Voltage : 208-277 VAC
  • Maximum Exposure Temperature : 177° Celsius (350ºF)
  • Circuit Protection : 30mA ground fault protection required
  • Minimum Cable Bend Radius : 32mm (1.25″)
  • Bus Wire : 16 AWG Nickel-Plated Copper
  • Heating Core : Semiconductive Heating Matrix
  • Primary Dielectric Insulation : High Performance Fluoropolymer
  • Metallic Braid : Tinned Copper
  • Outer Jacket : Silicone Rubber

Thermon KSR self-regulating ramp heating cables increase power output as temperatures falls to provide guaranteed snow and ice clearance of concrete ramps.

Installing Ramp Heating Systems using snow melting cables

While pouring and finishing the concrete, the ramp heating cable should be monitored for resistance between the ground and bus wires throughout installation. During the pour, care should be taken to minimize the risk of cutting or damaging the snow melting cable, causing short circuits. If the resistance test reading suddenly decreases, the heating cable has been damaged! The ramp heating system and snow melting cable should not be energised for a minimum of 7 days after installation to ensure a complete concrete slab cure.

Ramp Heating

Lay out the ramp heating cable on top of rebar in a serpentine beginning at the power box on centerline spacing as specified on design drawings. Bend heating cable in smooth arcs having a radius of no less than 50mm. Avoid crossing expansion joints in the cable layout.



Thermon video providing an overview of best practices for installing heat trace cables to both industrial and hazardous area location pipework. Video covers heat trace cable selection, testing, inspection and pipework preparation prior to installing cables to pipes, valves, flanges and un-insulated pipe supports.

thermon ksr cable selection

Thermon Catalogue Number Start-Up Temperature Operating Voltage Installation Method Maximum Circuit Length vs. Breaker Size
15 Amp 20 Amp 30 Amp 40 Amp
KSR-2 0°F (-18°C) 208 Vac Direct Burial 80′ (24 m) 105′ (32 m) 160′ (49 m) 210′ (64 m)
KSR-2 0°F (-18°C) 220 Vac Direct Burial 80′ (24 m) 105′ (32 m) 165′ (50 m) 215′ (66 m)
KSR-2 0°F (-18°C) 240 Vac Direct Burial 85′ (26 m) 110′ (34 m) 170′ (52 m) 225′ (69 m)
KSR-3 0°F (-18°C) 277 Vac Direct Burial 100′ (30 m) . 135′ (41 m) 205′ (62 m) 270′ (82 m)
KSR-2 20°F (-7°C) 208 Vac Direct Burial 85′ (26 m) 110′ (34 m) 165′ (50 m) 220′ (67 m)
KSR-2 20°F (-7°C) 220 Vac Direct Burial 85′ (26 m) 110′ (34 m) 170′ (52 m) 225′ (69 m)
KSR-2 20°F (-7°C) 240 Vac Direct Burial 90′ (27 m) 120′ (37 m) 180′ (55 m) 225′ (69 m)
KSR-3 20°F (-7°C) 277 Vac Direct Burial 110′ (34 m) 150′ (46 m) 225′ (69 m) 270′ (82 m)


Ramp Heating - Snow & Ice Melting - Thermon KSR Heating Cables

Ramp Heating Using Trace Heating Cables: designed to withstand temperatures and mechanical stresses associated with concrete pour

Thermon heating cables provide temperature maintenance and frost protection to pipework and mechanical services in all industries – typical applications include heating process pipework, instrument lines and storage tanks to maintain viscosity or prevent frost damage as an integral work-task of plant Winterisation.

Thermon KSR Heat Tracing Cables


Thermon KSR Heat Tracing Cables

Trace Heating

Trace Heating: Keeping Roofs, Gutters, Ramps, Pipes & Tanks Protected Against Frost, Snow & Ice

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