Rotronic Hygropalm HP-23A Humidity & Temperature Measurement Handheld Instrument

Rotronic Hygropalm HP-23A humidity and temperature measurement instrument

Rotronic Hygropalm HP-23A Humidity & Temperature Measurement Handheld Instrument

Rotronic Hygropalm HP-23A is part of the range of relative humidity measurement instruments by Rotronic available from Thorne & Derrick.

In addition to measuring humidity and temperature the Rotronic Hygropalm HP-23A can also calculate psychrometric parameters and offers various additional functions.

The measurement results can be recorded continuously and then separated simply by using the batch function.

Based on Airchip 3000 technology, there are unique features associated with Rotronic Hygropalm HP-23A  such as the two interchangeable HygroClip digital or analog probe inputs.

Rotronic Hygropalm HP-23A Humidity & Temperature Measurement Handheld Instrument – Product Benefits

Flexible Choice Of Probes – 

  • The HygroPalm23 can be fitted with interchangeable probes
  • Has 2 probe inputs
  • Connection of HygroClip2 or analog probes possible
  • No adjustment required for HygroClip2 probes

Interface – 

  • Easy and quick access to service connector possible
  • Mini USB interface available for a PC running HW4 software
  • Offers extended calibration and calculation functions
  • Remote connection to HygroClip2 transmitters

Practical display – 

  • The clear, back-lit graphic display is easy to read and the simple menu navigation provides fast access to all the information available
  • Trend indication of values
  • Saves measurements (capture logging) and allows display of all values
  • Battery status indicator
  • Display resolution to 3 decimal places
  • Various display formats available

Ergonomic housing – 

  • Robust ABS housing with rubber grip for secure handling
  • IP 40 protection

Battery/Rechargeable battery compartment – 

  • Battery or rechargeable battery holder with lock
  • The battery powers third party probe (max. 5 V)
  • Includes recharging function

Key user functions of the Rotronic Hygropalm HP-23A humidity and temperature instrument include:

  • Data recording function up to 10’000 data records (with date, time, batch no.)
  • Two probe connections for all ROTRONIC HC2 probes or analog third-party probes
  • Adjustment of transmitters HF3, HF4, HF5, HF7, HF8, via service cable
  • All psychrometric calculations
  • Integrated clock (real time clock) for timestamp for every measured value
  • Battery charging function
  • Interface (USB)


Whether a simple plug and play probe is required to measure ambient conditions or a more sophisticated cable probe for high temperature or special applications, the options available for the Rotronic Hygropalm HP-23A means most requirements can be met.

All Hygroclip2 probes can be individually calibrated and adjusted to increase measurement precision.

The range of Hygroclip2 probes available include:

Rotronic Standard Climate Probes

Rotronic standard climatic probes

Rotronic standard climatic probes

  • Probes with maximum accuracy
  • For use on all climatic measurements
  • Operating ranges -40…100 °C, 0…100 %rh

Rotronic High Temperature Probes

Rotronic high temperature probes

Rotronic high temperature probes

  • Hand help probes
  • For applications up to 200°C
  • Probe length 250 and 400 mm Ø15 mm

Rotronic Miniature Probes

Rotronic Minature probes

Rotronic Minature probes

  • 4 and 5 mm probes
  • For measurement in confined spaces
  • Typical applications include packaging
  • Other applications include building material tests

Rotronic Analog Probes

Rotronic Analog probes

Rotronic analog probes

  • Connect analog probes for the measurement of wind velocity
  • Can also be used for the measurement of wind pressure



The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest users of humidity measurement equipment. Most drugs are sensitive to variations in humidity and moisture levels, so these need to be considered and controlled using measurement instruments, probes and sensors for the final products to be consistent in quality and performance.

Humidity Measurement Applications

Humidity instruments are used to both control (transmitters) and monitor (transmitters or data loggers) these conditions during “accelerated conditions” drug testing.

Production machines, driers, tableters, and coaters are all sensitive to humidity – quality control requires machine monitoring, area monitoring and final product Equilibrium Relative Humidity (ERH) measurement.

Clean room environments are humidity critical – environmental monitoring system (EMS) and measurement is validated to conform with regulatory requirements.


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