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Ex d Enclosures | Flameproof Enclosure for Hazardous Areas | Technor EJB-11

Ex d Flameproof Enclosure for Hazardous Areas | Technor EJB-2

Ex d Flameproof Enclosure Technor EJB-11


Junction Boxes & Enclosures Exd Flameproof Explosion Protection 

Technor EJB-11 Copper Free Aluminium Enclosure is an Ex d enclosure which offers Ex-d IIB or IIB+H2 mode of explosion protection and is suitable for use in hazardous areas of industrial plants for indoor and outdoor applications. The flameproof enclosures can be equipped with following components:

  • Push buttons and mechanical operators
  • Rotating switches
  • Signalling lamps
  • Potentiometers
  • Rotating handles
  • Measurement instruments
  • Electric and electronic equipment
  • Windows made of tempered glass
  • See complete range Enclosures & Junction Boxes ATEX Certified

➡ Thorne & Derrick International, based in the UK, are Specialist Distributors of enclosures and junction boxes for hazardous areas with international certification including IECEx, ATEX and EAC.

Ex d Enclosures Flameproof

Zone 1 & Zone 2 Hazardous Area

Technor EBJ-11 flameproof enclosures are suitable for both industrial and hazardous areas – manufactured by Technor, from aluminium with low content of copper, the Ex d enclosures with flameproof design provides excellent corrosion resistance for both onshore and offshore electrical systems.

IP rating: IP65, IP66, IP67 with flanged joint coated with silicone grease.



  • Ex-d IIB T(**) Gb or Ex-d IIB+H2 T(**) Gb
  • Ex-tb IIIC T(**) Db IP65 or 66 or 67
  • ** T6/T85°C, T5/T100°C, T4/T135°C, T3/T200°C

II 2(1) GD

  • Ex-d [ia Ga] IIB T6 Gb or Ex-d [ia Ga] IIB+H2 T6 Gb
  • Ex-tb [ia Da] IIIC T85°C Db IP65 or 66 or 67

II 2(2) GD

  • Ex-d [ib] IIB T6 Gb or Ex-d [ib] IIB+H2 T6 Gb
  • Ex-tb [ib] IIIC T85°C Db IP65 or 66 or 67

Under IEC Ex directive, junction boxes and enclosures are suitable for IIB group of gases/dusts only.

technor EBJ-11 ex d enclosure

Technor Part NumberEnclosure DimensionsWeight (kg)AA**EE
EJB-1159650526748339413020444536048051012M102053.3044380 X 470
Explosion Proof Hazardous Area Technor EJB Aluminium Enclosure - Dimensions
Hazardous Area ATEX Certified Exd

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