Ex d Enclosures – Explosion Proof Hazardous Area Technor EJB Aluminium Enclosure

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Ex d Enclosures – Explosion Proof Hazardous Area Technor EJB Aluminium Enclosure

Ex d Enclosures – Explosion Proof Hazardous Area Technor EJB Aluminium Enclosure

Ex d Enclosures

Junction Boxes & Enclosures Exd Flameproof Explosion Protection

Explosion Protection Group IIB + H2 Hazardous Areas

Technor EJB Aluminium Enclosure is an Ex d enclosure which offers Ex-d IIB or IIB+H2 mode of explosion protection – the flameproof enclosures are suitable for use in hazardous areas of industrial plants for indoor and outdoor applications.

Technor EJB enclosures are classified to international hazardous area classifications with ATEX, IECex and TRCU certification, with ingress protection IP65 to IP67 and an operational ambient temperature range of + 60°C to – 50°C.

Technor EJB enclosures can be equipped with the following hazardous area certified components:

Ex d enclosures are used for the following typical applications: push button stations, instrument housing, lighting distribution panels, power distribution panels, motor protection and panels for trace heating systems.

Technor EJB Aluminium Enclosure – Technical Features

Enclosure MaterialAluminium with low content of copper
IP RatingIP65, IP66, IP67 with flanged joint coated with silicone grease
Ambient Temperature Range-50°C to +55°C -20°C to +55°C (IECEx Certificate)
Hazardous Area ApprovalsINERIS 00ATEX0021X GOST R IECEx INE 10.0015X INMETRO
Surface TreatmentGreen colour polyurethane painting cycle RAL6003 (other colour available upon request)
Enclosure EntriesMetric pitch 1.5, ANSI B1.20.1 NPT, UNI-6125
Hardware & ScrewsAISI316 Stainless steel external screws
Standard Certificate LabelMade by self adhesive UV and corrosion resistant polyester, approved by INERIS Laboratory.
Accessories Available Upon RequestMounting brackets, Drain/breather valve, Hinges, Door handle, Internal anticondensate painting, Traffolyte/Stainless steel certificate label

Technor EJB enclosures – Aluminium

The following table enables the correct specification and selection of Exd Flameproof Enclosures manufactured from aluminium from the Technor EJB range:

Technor Part NumberExd Enclosure DimensionsWeight (kg)AA**EE
EJB-2298238174230168951352051402502809M62010.0712160 X 220
EJB-3412238177340167851363301502502809M82013.4018155 X 330
EJB-3A412238199340167851583301502502809M82013.509155 X 330
EJB-4418302175335220901323001903003209M82017.5020210 X 325
EJB-54803002323922091251823501853003209M82020.5022200 X 385
EJB-64834082383873101301863552803904209M82033.0028300 X 380
EJB-86343652545302621402044952253403709M82036.0536250 X 520
EJB-953546825742636314020441034044047012M102040.0034350 X 420
EJB-1075036629263025018523458020533036012M102048.5034240 X 620
EJB-1159650526748339413020444536048051012M102053.3044380 X 470
EJB-1280545531069033517024364028542545012M122073.0054325 X 625
EJB-1383260731472350011523663040558062012M1220106.0076463 X 683
EJB-13A83260740072350020532263040558062012M1220124.0076463 X 683


Explosion Proof Hazardous Area Technor EJB Aluminium Enclosure - Dimensions

Explosion Proof Hazardous Area Technor EJB Aluminium Enclosure – Dimensions



  • Ex-d IIB T(**) Gb or Ex-d IIB+H2 T(**) Gb
  • Ex-tb IIIC T(**) Db IP65 or 66 or 67
  • ** T6/T85°C, T5/T100°C, T4/T135°C, T3/T200°C

II 2(1) GD

  • Ex-d [ia Ga] IIB T6 Gb or Ex-d [ia Ga] IIB+H2 T6 Gb
  • Ex-tb [ia Da] IIIC T85°C Db IP65 or 66 or 67

II 2(2) GD

  • Ex-d [ib] IIB T6 Gb or Ex-d [ib] IIB+H2 T6 Gb
  • Ex-tb [ib] IIIC T85°C Db IP65 or 66 or 67

Under IEC Ex directive, junction boxes and enclosures are suitable for IIB group of gases/dusts only.

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