Diesel Oil Tank Heating – Hazardous Area Heaters

Published 06 Jan 2017

Diesel Oil Tank Heating

Hazardous Area Heating Specialists For Diesel Oil Tank (Zone 1 Zone 2 ATEX Certified)

Hazardous Area Fan Heaters ATEX Certified

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Diesel Oil Tank Heating

Thorne & Derrick International distribute an extensive range of electrical heaters to provide diesel oil tank heating:

Trace Heating Systems & Heat Trace Cables

The heat trace cable ranges stocked and supplied by Thorne & Derrick International includes electric heating cables for process temperature maintenance, pipe and vessel freeze protection and roof and gutter de-icing applications where snow and ice removal is required – cables and systems are available for commercial, industrial safe area (non-hazardous area) and hazardous area heating applications with ATEX certification.

Electric heat tracing is a cable based system used to maintain, raise temperature and protect process pipework and vessels against freezing temperatures and associated frost damage – heat tracing cables mitigate and counteract cold weather effects as part of a Winterization strategy for industrial and process applications against low (sub-zero) ambient temperatures on both onshore and offshore locations.

Heat tracing systems utilising self-regulating, constant wattage and mineral insulated (MI) heating cables are available to provide the optimum electrical heating system for your application – we provide a trace heating system design service.

Heat Trace Cables: Ramp Heating | Roof & Gutter Heating | Water Pipework Frost Protection | Hopper Heating | Tank Heating | Hazardous Area Heating | Fire Escapes

Trace Heating Heat Trace Cables

Trace Heating & Heat Tracing Cable Systems Specialists | Thorne & Derrick


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