Abtech SXCS3 Stainless Steel Control Stations | ATEX IECEX INMETRO Certified

Abtech SXCS Stainless Steel Control Stations

Abtech SXCS3

Abtech SXCS3 hazardous area control stations are ATEX Certified for use in Zone 1 and Zone 21 hazardous areas.

    • ATEX, IECEx & InMetro

      zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas

    • Ex e II T4 (Ammeter only) or Ex ed IIC T4

Stainless steel Control Stations

Zone 1 & Zone 21 Hazardous Areas Application

Abtech SXCS3 control stations are suitable for both industrial and hazardous areas and are manufactured from Stainless Steel 316L (1.4404). – also available in Glass Reinforced Polyester and Plastic.

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Protection Degree: IP66.

Temperature Rating – Max ambient range: -20°C to +55°C

Abtech SXCS3 Control Stations

Configuration Options

Part ReferenceControl Station

Dimensions HxWxD (mm)

Max. Power Dissipation (W)Maximum Populations
Operators OnlyAmmeters OnlyOperators & Ammeters
Abtech SXCS3372x448x1401212 x Op**12 x Am6 x Op,2 x Am
Layout Drawingssxcs3 stainless steel control stations

sxcs3 stainless steel control stations


Op = Operator (Push Button, E-Stop, Indicator Lamp or Selector Switch) – Allow 1W power dissipation per operator Am = Ammeter – Allow 0.5W power dissipation per ammeter

** When fitted with maximum number of operators, NO additional terminals may be fitted due to max. power dissipation limit See Data Sheet for typical layout drawings

Abtech SXCS3 control stations, manufactured from stainless steel are suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 21 hazardous areas according to the ATEX Directive – the SXCS3 is available with a selection of different manufacturers operators and indicators.

Control Stations – Zone 1 & Zone 21 Hazardous Area ATEX

Control Stations – Zone 1 & Zone 21 Hazardous Area ATEX

Maximum Cable Entries

Abtech Control Station Top Face c/w removable gland plateControl Station Bottom Face c/w removable gland plate

Available Operator, Ammeter and terminal types

Push ButtonMomentary, 1NC/1NO, 2NC or 2NO contacts. Coloured/marked inserts as required
Emergency StopPush-Pull, 1NC/1NO, 2NC or 2NO contacts. Red/yellow mushroom head
Mushroom HeadPush-Pull, 1NC/1NO, 2NC or 2NO contacts. Colour: black. Optional key release
Key Release Push Button1NC/1NO, 2NC or 2NO contacts. Colour: black
Indicator LampRed/green/yellow/blue or white available
Illuminated Push ButtonRed/green/yellow/blue or white available. Available with 1NC or 1NO contacts
Selector Switch2 or 3 position. 2-pole contact configurations and label inserts to suit application Small switch handle (39mm dia) as standard. Large handle (60mm dia) also available
AmmeterDirect measuring with x2 overload scale (max scale: 0-15A/30A)1A or 5A current transformer with x2 or x5 overload scale (max scale: 0-600A/3000A)
TerminalsDirect termination as standard, 2.5/4mm2 Ex screw terminals fitted where requested

ATEX Hazardous Area Stainless Steel Control Stations Zone 1 & 21 - Abtech SXCS

ATEX Hazardous Area Stainless Steel Control Stations Zone 1 & 21 – Abtech SXCS

Electrical Data

Push ButtonUtilization category (per BS EN 60947-1)AC12AC15DC13DC13
Emergency StopRated voltage250V250V110V24V
Mushroom HeadRated current16A10A0.5A1A
Key Release Push ButtonMaximum ambient temperature+40°C+55°C+55°C+55°C
Indicator LampSuitable for 24-240Vac / 24-36Vdc supply. Alternative supply option: 220-380Vac
Illuminated Push ButtonUtilization category (per BS EN 60947-1)AC15DC13
Rated voltage250V24V
Rated current6A1A
Maximum ambient temperature+55°C+55°C
Lamp suitable for 24-240Vac / 24-36Vdc supply

Terminal typeAKZ 2.5AKZ 4SAK 2.5SAK 4
Maximum cable size2.5mm²4mm²2.5mm²4mm²
Maximum voltage176V275V550V550V
Maximum current15A*28A15A*28A

*limited as per hazardous area certificate


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