Chromalox SRP 10-2C 10W/FT 208V – 277V Trace Heating Cables


Trace Heating Cables

  • Manufacturer: Chromalox
  • Heating Cable Range: SRP
  • Heating Cable Code: SRP 10-2C 10W/FT 208V – 277V
  • Maximum Maintain Temperature : 110° Celsius
  • Maximum Continuous Exposure Temperature : Power Off 135° Celsius
  • Cable Type: Self Regulating Trace Heating Cables
  • Cable Ratings: 10 Watts Per Foot @ 50°F
  • Cable Voltage: 208V – 277V
  • Maximum Heating Cable Circuit Length:  665 Foot
  • See Also: Trace Heating

SRP trace heating cables manufactured by Chromalox, including SRL 10-2C, provide frost protection to pipework and valves, tanks and associated mechanical services – suitable for hazardous area zones including Div 2 AND ATEX Zone 1.

➡ See also : Electrical Heating for Hazardous Areas

Heating Cable Applications

  • Process Pipework Maintenance
  • Frost Protection of Pipework
  • Fluid Flow, Transfer & Viscosity Maintenance
Chromalox SRP Self-Regulating Trace Heating Cable - Construction

Chromalox SRP Self-Regulating Trace Heating Cable


  1. Twin 16 AWG Copper Buss Wires are able to provide reliable electrical current capability.
  2. Semiconductive Polymer Core Matrix is the self regulating component of the cable and it’s electrical resistance varies with temperature.
  3. Fluoropolymer Jacket is flame retardant and electrically insulates the matrix and buss wires and provides corrosion resistance.
  4. Tinned Copper Braid that provides additional mechanical protection in any environment, and a positive ground path.
  5. High Temperature Fluoropolymer Overjacket (optional) is a corrosion resistant, flame retardant overjacket which is highly effective in many environments. It protects against exposure to organic or corrosive solutions as well as abrasion and impact damage.


Cable Ordering Information

Output (W/Ft.)VoltsModelCable ConstructionStockChromalox Part CodeWt./1000′ (lbs)
Output at Rated Voltage
10 @ 50°F208 – 277SRP 10-2 CBraid OnlyS38717068
SRP 10-2CTStandard Braid and overjacket38719680


Circuit Breaker Selection

Maximum Cable Circuit Length (Ft.) by Start-Up Temperature (°F) and Breaker Size (Amps)
Heating Cable RatingSRP 10-2CT Trace Heating 
50°F Start-Up (Ft.)
15 A200
20 A270
30 A400
40 A530
50 A665
0°F Start-Up (Ft.)
15 A145
20 A190
30 A290
40 A380
50 A480
-20°F Start-Up (Ft.)
15 A130
20 A175
30 A260
40 A350
50 A440


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