Crowcon I-Test & I-Test Manager

Crowcon I-Test & I-Test Manager

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Gas Detectors

Bump Testing & Calibrating

The Crowcon I-Test & I-Test Manager help to test portable gas detectors such as the Gas-Pro and T4 to ensure they are compliant to carry out the task in hand. Nowadays it is imperative that bump and calibration test records are kept as testing requirements have become more stringent.

Thanks to the I-Test and I-Test Manager software it couldn’t be easier to ensure your gas detection equipment is compliant as it only take 1 minute to complete a bump test. The test includes checking the sensors and filters are in full working order and ensuring audible and visual alarms are functioning correctly.

All results are stored and the clever I-Test Manager software shows who has carried out the bump and calibration tests. A printed copy of the certificates is all possible as well as any other tailored reports required.

CROWCON I-Test & I-Test Manager


  • Flexibility – mains powered (no battery backup required), self-contained no extras required, standalone calibration with the ability to update Gas-Pro and T4 configurations, long term data management and power software support thanks to I-Test
  • Reliability – I-Test is able to test empty and expired cylinders, testing starts automatically as well has time and date updates and it has a battery backup so the test can continue even if the battery runs out
  • Data Management – all information is logged whether the gas detector passed or failed, accurate reporting flagging up those who haven’t done bump tests or calibrations as well as though who have and the ability to see detailed reports about changes and additions to the gas detectors
  • Stand Alone Calibration – allowing all sensors in the Gas-Pro and T4 even if calibration isn’t due
  • Supports Flammable Sensor Configuration – I-Test supports all Gas-Pro flammable sensor configurations including methane, propane, butane, pentane and hydrogen. Bump testing and calibration can be performed with the target gas, or using methane. So if you have fleet of methane, butane and pentane Gas-Pro, I-Test can bump test them all using methane
  • Updates – I-Test automatically updates the date and time in your Gas-Pro and T4. When the clocks change for daylight savings, I-Test will update Gas-Pro and T4 as soon as it sees them
  • Automated bump testing of Crowcon T4 portable gas detector. Stand alone calibration allows you to calibrate all sensors in the Gas-Pro and T4, even if the sensors are not due a calibration.


Crowcon I-Test & I-Test Manager

Crowcon I-Test & I-Test Manager – fully automated bump test and calibration solution for testing and verifying that your Gas-Pro and T4 are in a compliant state to carry out your daily work

Crowcon I-Test & I-Test Manager

Product Specification

Crowcon I-Test Size 110 x 250 x 320mm (4.3 x 9.8 x 12.6 ins)
Crowcon I-Test Weight 2kg (70.5oz)
Alarms 9-12V @ 3A
I-Test backup battery 200 speedy bump tests with 15 second intervals between tests
5 hours in standby with no bump test
Battery life approximately 500 cycles
Charge time 7 hours
RTC backup battery 3 year life
USB interface One standard USB type A socket for USB Flash Memory stick
One standard USB type B socket for connections to PC
Inlets/Outlets Single gas inlet (requires demand flow regulator)
Purge inlet (air)
Gas Detection Regulators Demand flow regulator required
Storage capacity Internal 2GB MicroSD card
Temperature specifications Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C
Storage temperature: -25°C to +60°C
Charging temperature: 0°C to +40°C
Humidity 0% and 95% relative humidity (non-condensing) at +40°C
Ingress protection IP20

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